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Saturday, July 16, 2011

The light within.

The night was very trying with demons ever near
To shake me in my dreams and cause my heart to fear
Though they were only memories painful as can be
They woke me  from my sleep and would not let me be

So from my place of resting I rose early in this day
To settle into my quiet place and redirect my way
Closing up my memory and opening my eyes to see
I pictured a hundred angels  reaching out to me

All of them were so beautiful and glowing with pure light
I wanted to hug them all and  keep them  in my sight
But they were there within me and not for all to see
To bring a bit of comfort and restore some peace to me

I know each day will bring us a mixture of good and bad
But we have the strength within us to help us when we're sad
We have only to enter the  silence that dwells so deep within
To find the courage we need when difficulties begin.


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