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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Lessons from the desert

The night time is falling and I need a break
To ponder to wonder to visually partake
Of all that is beautiful and  all that is true
I'm taking time out to let visions come through

Silently and slowly I consider the day
The sorrows, the joys: all that come my way
Then in the stillness that invites me within
I close my eyes and let meditation begin

 The picture I'm seeing  in my thoughts tonight
Is a hot dusty desert without water in sight
No creatures or plants just a picture of sand
Where's all the beauty? I dont understand.

Then as I'm wondering an angel appears
And says this represents all of those years
Your life seemed so  empty without hope in sight
And then an angel is given you to bring you to light

Sometimes the externals must all disappear
For you to understand the lessons most dear
Beauty is much deeper then what you can see
Let go of your ideas and you will be free

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