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Monday, July 4, 2011

I surrender

Evening is falling, birds make ready to sleep
Teardrops  escaping the heart lets me weep
Memories from last night still dance in my head
Trying to replace them with nice thoughts  instead

Though I run for my safety they echo within
The memories keep calling again and again
I want to be rid of them,  want them to go
Tonight I'm having my own "firework show."

So I let the tears fall and give them their space
As I continue to work towards my secret place
I see it at a distance and  its not   far away
The ocean is where I will go to today

Sitting myself down I enter my mind
To see what awaits me, what treasures I'll find
The waves are so gentle  and dampen the shore
Just like my tears, that fall on the floor.

The sun is now setting and night is so near
I surrender to the moment and all it holds dear
I cannot create  images upon this warm night
So I let myself feel this brokenness tonight

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