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Friday, July 1, 2011

for my therapist


I want to write a little poem for my
therapist sweet and kind
Who is taking time to teach me ways
to free my heart and mind
Little by little T's helping me
to get better day by day
Teaching me to understand myself
and why I am this way.

First I must learn to say to self
that I'm not so bad at all
Then I should go to my safeplaces
whenever bad memories call
Next, I should keep my boundaries.
not let hurtful things come in
Then I am to listen to my self
when bad feelings should begin

Patiently "T" is helping me
to calm my troubled mind
Helping me to overcome my fears
with methods , oh so kind
If ever you're needing therapy
I hope that you will find
Someone like my therapist,
To heal your fragile mind.

I want to thank you, dearest "T",
for guidlng me along the way
For taking time and caring
showing me a brighter day.
Words cannot say everything
but I want for you to know
That you are working miracles
even though I am going slow.

Thank You, "T"

gratefully me:

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