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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fallen Angel

An angel was flying and  fell from the sky
She was kicked and insulted by all that passed by
Everyone mocked her as she lay on the ground
Poor little angel with no help around

She scrambled to her feet and was lost as can be
She wandered about and attempted to see.
No one would help her; they only would scoff
She wept deep inside her;  her halo was off.

It wasn't her fault  she tumbled in flight
Others had blinded her and stole all her light
So without any vision or ability to see
The poor little angel had run  into a tree.

As she was searching around for a way
A kindly soul reached her and directed her way
Telling her she'd help her but it would take time
The angel smiled warmly and wrote out this small rhyme

So if ever in living we  have the ability
To reach out to someone and help them to see
We shouldn't be hesitant but reach out in love
A light for our neighbors and the angels above :)

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