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Thursday, July 28, 2011


What a beautiful sunrise; it signals the coming of day.
Night has had her moments; but, day is on her way.
Stars that shone so brightly; now soften their flickering glow.
The smallest are always ready  to let the Great One  show.

Rains that once had fallen, now sparkle throughout  the air.
The rainbow makes us forget that the rains were ever there.
So too with all the tear drops, that ever touched the ground;
They seemed, at first, so painful; but, then new life is found..

Every day is a new beginning; this is why the birds sing.
The universe is a reminder of the change in everything.
All creation is saying that we go from stage to stage
We   go through every  moment and then we turn the page.

The weather outside is feisty; it changes  from day to day
Some times the Sun shines brightly;  other times it hides away
So too, with every creature, our  weather can change around
Sometimes we will be happy; other times sadness is found

The secret is to take daily whatever our moments bring
And let it mix with the melody creation invites us to sing.
For by  itself each moment can never stand alone
But join it  together with others ..and a masterpiece is shown.

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