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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Digging Deep

 Strength I have none for the heat is so high
I try to breathe deeply  but it makes me cry
The air so heavy; so hard to breathe in
Come help me dear angels, the oxygen's thin.

Rhymes are not wanting to come out today
Even the verses are hiding away
This is not the way my thinking should be
 Time to refocus and create poetry

To the meadows I go  in the quiet of my mind
To reflect with the monarchs and crickets I find.
How gracefully they travel over here and over there
Never any worries, and never any care.

Flying all around me a busy bumble bee
Is tempted to land and needle into me
But I wont  allow for that; I flick it far away
Slowly disappearing is the heat of the day

Finally calming down I am ready now to leave
This visit deep within has given me reprieve
There is so much beauty that enters every time
 I go within my being to create poetic rhyme

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