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Friday, July 29, 2011

Come to the forest..

I have begun my silence and enter deep inside
To listen to the things which  the spirit wants to confide
I visualize a forest with a countless number of trees
Plants are gently swaying to the humming of the bees.

Everything is so beautiful dressed up in its green
It's hard not to tear up in the midst of such a scene
So much unseen beauty lies in the wooded place
I feel the gentle spirit as it touches all with grace.

 I hear the birds chirping and breathe in the clean air
The wind is stirring around me;I know that it is there
The animals of the forest emerge from deep within
This is the beauty of the universe; come and enter in.

We are like the forest with so much life deep inside
We have so many  treasures which are not seen outside
So we must travel inward to ponder once a day
The universe within us; it has so much to say.

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