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Saturday, July 23, 2011


I'm quieting down my mind at the dawn of day
LIstening to her wisdom: she has so much to say
The universe is speaking: let us now begin
Turn off the outer senses and enter deep within

Breathe in positive energies hold it just a tad
Exhale negative energies those which made you mad
Breathe in again good feelngs those which make you glad
Exhale hurtful memories all that makes you sad

Continue to breathe in slowly let the universe guide
Exhale all that is ugly and painful to you inside
Breathing will prepare you to enter your quiet place
Inhale all of  the spirit : exhale all disgrace

Slowly an image emerges it is a crystal sea
She invites me to enter  as she approaches me
Her waters are so cooling; they  calm my fragile mind
I listen to her silence, my fears are left behind.

thank u "T"


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