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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Emerging from the night

I come to the morning broken after a very long night
And try to immerse myself inside the morning light
It was a very long evening fighting through those years
That came to me as memories and caused so many tears

But I am a survivor inside and have some tools from "T"
So am  putting them to use as I go deep inside of me
I am picturing some quiet lakefront lined with flowering trees
I hear the symphony of birds and the buzzing of some bees

My eyes find comfort in the waters that are sparkling bright
The wind blowing upon my face soothes me with great delight
I breathe in slowly the peace that escaped from me last night
And exhale all that badness that kept my soul in fright

A special thanks is going out to my therapist, ever wise;
Who has given to me  some tools to help clear the cloudy skies
I am here thinking in this  moment and grateful as can be
That from a lake inside me I have found some serenity

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