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Saturday, July 9, 2011

The bottle that parted my hair

I am sitting here pondering over the meaning of things
Listening to the melody that the new morning brings
Lost in my thoughts that come from yesteryear
No doubt another poem is soon to be here.

I can't get away from thinking about  memories today
They are chasing me everywhere I can't get away
So I will just have to start writing and see where I land
Thank you for your patience; I'm glad you understand.

I was walking home from school with my sister so dear
A boy on a hill was shouting and causing us great fear
He was holding   in his hand a broken bottle from beer
He says I'm going to throw this, and it landed "right here".

My sister, she  was crying, blood covered my  face
I couldn't feel it on me; yet I was swaying in place
We were coming home from school; our abuser wasn't there
My neighbor took us in and washed out my hair.

Our abuser come home yelling and asked what was done
You can go to the doctor or I'll take it out: choose one?
I knew if i chose the doctor  I would get holy hell
So I let her take it out i blacked out and fell

To this day I have a reminder of what happened there
I can still feel a bump where the bottle parted my hair
I don't  know the reason for remembering  this all
Other then to remind me angels are watching; lest I should fall.

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