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Friday, July 8, 2011

All Together

The rain is falling all around while a cardinal playfully sings
A joyul robin is watching out  for what rain indirectly  brings
Though the skies are clouding up and the day is awfully grey
Beauty emerges from the darkness at the close  of day

I find it hard to keep back tears;  triggers have come my way
I approach the safe place deep within and softly begin to pray
I'm weak and fragile, poor and needy: please feel my soul with light
Pour your wisdom into my heart and help me to see things right

I picture inside a quiet pond with creatures all around
Ducks and geese and rabbits too: everything is found
Inside the pond there is also life : fish of every kind
What vision of peaceful  beauty this is for my tired mind

Though the creatures are all so different they all get along
Sharing the happiness of the pond each singing their own song
The lesson here is quite clear: that though we live differently
We can all  come together if we want and work for unity

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