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Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Afternoon Shower

The rains have started to pour inside
I'm getting all drenched, I want to hide
But where ever I go so goes the rain
I'll have to ponder right through the pain.

The rains will water the flowers within
The thunder allows it all to soak in
The lightning enables rocks to break
What a lovely garden it's  going to make

While I'd  love to stop these tears right now
 I see they are  necessary   some how
So I'll let them flow and not feel shame
Soon happy flowers will be calling my name


  1. You are an amazing poet!

    I hope for you you'll be discovered someone!

    I'm sure as hell tweeting this! :)

  2. Dear Prozac Blogger, your words make me weep with gratitude. Isn't it something how abuse blinds ones to the reality that maybe there is something good inside of me. I knew poetry was in me but never heard till now that I write for all that it was better then my own ideas of it.

    Thank you for your kind words. As I said your blog moves me and as I am healing, every blog of hurt moves me to tears.

    Healing Within


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