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Thursday, July 21, 2011

After the Rains

 ( in memory of my kitty: angel)

It's the morning after the rainfall and clouds still fill my sky
The memory of my angel cannot so quickly pass by
Yet  through the tiny raindrops that fell upon  my soul
I see the sparkling colors that come  from her rainbow

Another day is starting so I  slowly enter inside
I gather up my memories and quickly run and hide
I try to reason within me but that will never do
The spirits has its answers for things that pierce me through

Sometimes we have to surrender that which we  hold dear
In order to receive the blessings that are about to draw near
It appears our heart is  broken that it is way  beyond repair
But within our being is waiting the spirit with healing care.

So surrender oh my being to this sorrow deep inside
Let the ointment of the spirit heal the wounds  you hide
Let the promise of tomorrow carry you through the day
And the pains that weigh you down will all soon pass away

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