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Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Way I Go

Take my hand and walk with me to my quiet place
Join with me if you can; set aside some space
I want to take you if you'll go to a place inside
Where love and beauty joy and peace ever do abide.

When you come be sure to bring a very open mind
Through the door of simplicity, treasures  you will find
Remember to close the door outside and picture deep within
Whatever place you want to go to, then let the journey begin

Picture within your mind a place with flowers birds and all
Consider how they live in peace and hear them as they call
Listen deeply to your heart for there the universe will speak
 In a language all it's own; with answers that you seek.

This is the way that I go and hope you'll try it too
For in the silence of the heart you'll find whatever is  true
It only takes a few moments a day to enter deep within
When you finish you'll be glad and want to do it again!

thank u "t"

Be the difference

Let me be a ray of sunshine in somebody's day
Let me say the kindly word someone is hoping I'd say
Let me share the warm smile that cheers an aching heart
Let me be the encouragement one needs to restart

Let me be the shoulder on which another may lean
Let me stand by the one that others may demean
Let me not be a follower of the rigid and the cruel
Let me live forever in my life the one golden rule

Flowers share

Good morning sweet flowers that wave through the air
What beauty and fragrance you spread everywhere
How bountiful your colors, how varied in size
How delightful to watch you as you  reach for the skies.

What lessons you  teach us in your simple way
Without speaking or shouting or putting on a display
While  being yourselves: both fragile and strong
You give to us creatures a share in your  song.

Your  melody is simple and comes from above
It's shared by all creatures and we call it love
The more that we sing it; the better we live
 What beautiful lessons the flowers can give

Inside my mind

So early morning has me caught in the thoughts of my mind
I am wondering why all of sudden confusion is what I find
I dont want to ponder much on things that don't matter
But I am sitting in my glass house and it's begun to shatter

Things that  I use to cling to are slowly falling away
And what I saw important before now takes a shade of gray
I'm wondering if all this means that I'm doing something wrong
Or if it's just a new stage of the journey to which I belong.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Back to Innocence

The day is slowly fading away and night is ready to begin
Time to silence all the noise and spend some moments within.
There is so much on my mind; but I must let it go
The universe reminds me of things that'll help me grow

In my mind,  I begin to roam around all the flowering fields
and stop to taste some apples:a nearby orchard yields
after a stroll I settle down beneath a flowering tree
and consider how wonderful it is to be so truly free

Like a child I want to touch every animal passing  by
So I reach out for a gentle doe and a dancing butterfly
How wonderful it will be when finally we  live as one
And become what we were before all hatred had begun.

Fallen Angel

An angel was flying and  fell from the sky
She was kicked and insulted by all that passed by
Everyone mocked her as she lay on the ground
Poor little angel with no help around

She scrambled to her feet and was lost as can be
She wandered about and attempted to see.
No one would help her; they only would scoff
She wept deep inside her;  her halo was off.

It wasn't her fault  she tumbled in flight
Others had blinded her and stole all her light
So without any vision or ability to see
The poor little angel had run  into a tree.

As she was searching around for a way
A kindly soul reached her and directed her way
Telling her she'd help her but it would take time
The angel smiled warmly and wrote out this small rhyme

So if ever in living we  have the ability
To reach out to someone and help them to see
We shouldn't be hesitant but reach out in love
A light for our neighbors and the angels above :)

Friday, July 29, 2011

Come to the forest..

I have begun my silence and enter deep inside
To listen to the things which  the spirit wants to confide
I visualize a forest with a countless number of trees
Plants are gently swaying to the humming of the bees.

Everything is so beautiful dressed up in its green
It's hard not to tear up in the midst of such a scene
So much unseen beauty lies in the wooded place
I feel the gentle spirit as it touches all with grace.

 I hear the birds chirping and breathe in the clean air
The wind is stirring around me;I know that it is there
The animals of the forest emerge from deep within
This is the beauty of the universe; come and enter in.

We are like the forest with so much life deep inside
We have so many  treasures which are not seen outside
So we must travel inward to ponder once a day
The universe within us; it has so much to say.

Some day..

The sun is smiling warmly and the wind has kissed my face
Time to start the morning and let the dreams of night erase
Birds are singing sweetly and the sky is purest  blue
I enter into those moments where mysteries come through

I am picturing a meadow that  stretches out so green
There is every kind of creature that enters into the scene
Not one of them is frightened or does any one of them fight
It's like Noah's ark just emptied; it's really quite a sight.

I go up to every animal and touch them with my hand
Each one is so graceful and appears to understand.
Someday we'll all be like this, sharing on one land
No one will hate the other; as one body we will stand.

The Nightmare

I am sitting here dazed at the dream I just had
It's images were so vivid; they made me very sad
I saw everything shaking and heard a rumbling sound
Then I saw the buildings leveled to the ground

I was left alone, no one else was around
An eery sense of silence was all that I found.
I searched frantically, looking here, looking there
I was by myself  with destruction everywhere

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Where everyone is loved

The day was pretty intense and I am feeling kind of low
I think I'll take my break now and let the spirit flow
Like a river that is carrying its water everywhere
The quiet place is inviting me to drink of its pure air

Slowing down my thinking I close my tired eyes
And picture for a moment my life in paradise
There will be no more weeping and never any tears
In the beautiful forever land there wont be any  fears

As I'm pondering paradise I picture a pure white dove
She is flying so peacefully; singing her song of love
How wonderful it'll  finally be to be free from every hate
Where everyone is truly loved; then we will celebrate.


What a beautiful sunrise; it signals the coming of day.
Night has had her moments; but, day is on her way.
Stars that shone so brightly; now soften their flickering glow.
The smallest are always ready  to let the Great One  show.

Rains that once had fallen, now sparkle throughout  the air.
The rainbow makes us forget that the rains were ever there.
So too with all the tear drops, that ever touched the ground;
They seemed, at first, so painful; but, then new life is found..

Every day is a new beginning; this is why the birds sing.
The universe is a reminder of the change in everything.
All creation is saying that we go from stage to stage
We   go through every  moment and then we turn the page.

The weather outside is feisty; it changes  from day to day
Some times the Sun shines brightly;  other times it hides away
So too, with every creature, our  weather can change around
Sometimes we will be happy; other times sadness is found

The secret is to take daily whatever our moments bring
And let it mix with the melody creation invites us to sing.
For by  itself each moment can never stand alone
But join it  together with others ..and a masterpiece is shown.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Still the tears are falling down . my mind is sorely tried
I need to find my safety place. .i need to run and hide
Fears are monsters roaring loud, I'm shaking deep within
I must try to meditate; not let the terrors begin.

I'm trying to take in deeper breaths.. to find some inner peace
Exhaling all my many fears; please make these worries cease
I am  feeling   so powerless .. breathe in  my soul again
Exhale all those scary thoughts, a victory is yours to win

Why am I so weak tonight what happened to me today?
I must find some happy thoughts; let these others go away
I am trying with all my being to leave the painful place
Come help me angels if you will, I need a better space.

Finally a light is coming in and I can picture the  blue sky
Where birds are flying everywhere; I watch them all pass by
There is a beautiful sun above and gentle clouds so white
Darkness can't stop the sun from shining or keep away its light

Bad memories

This evening I am broken and my eyes run with tears
Memories carry me backwards to those   terrible years
I cannot get away from them they overtake my will
Leaving me a captive in moments frozen still

I see again the anger and feel again the pain
I see the welts arising ; the tears they fall like rain
I hear the wicked cursing and taste the bloody lip
I cannot escape the memories what a terrible trip

I feel my legs are trembling, the ground is very near
The memories are so vivid that I can see and hear
The Flashbacks are so intense,  you think it's today
But really they're memories that won't go away

Letting go

The morning dove is singing she is ready to take flight
She is serenading the coming of  morning light
How beautifully she's chanting, while resting on the ground
Soon she will be flying,  leaving  an echo of her sound.

With her in the wind and  flying oh so high
One can she the universe with a different eye
There is a certain freedom in the letting go
This is what she's teaching, what we are to know

As long as we are holding onto our little things
We cannot take the flight of which the dove sings
We have to let it go; all that holds us down
Only then can we soar and rise above the town

(dedicated to my T as she moves on )


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Where little lambs play

 the night time is falling  and I am heading within
already the nightmares are wanting to begin
so  I close off my being from noises outside
and enter my quiet place deep down inside.

I picture some little lambs jumping around
So peaceful they are; so joyful in sound
Lambs are so gentle so meek and so mild
They remind to keep always a heart of a child

I ponder the meadow where little  lambs play
Its sprinkled with flowers: a beautiful array
Butterflies join in and dance all around
what a wonderful show inside me I've found.

Whenever you needing to take time apart
Be sure to enter  into the depths  of your heart
For there you will see with wisdom inside
What from the learned so often does hide.


Two Spirits

can you hear the spirit  echoing, the spirit that unites  us all?
It  creates within you a melody  and moves both great and small
Can you hear it, this spirit within you, it comes from the Eternal above
It is the voice of the one spirit; it is the voice of love

can you hear it, this spirit outside you; it shouts so loud and clear
it distracts you from what is important, with promises insincere
This spirit is not of good origins; it  moves so quickly around
It stirs up troubles and worries;  and  in it, peace is not   found.

you must trust the spirit within you; and not the spirit outside
one will lead you to happiness; and the other will lead you to pride
the spirit within you is truthful; while the spirit outside will lie
you must keep the spirit within you; while the other you must deny

Monday, July 25, 2011


I am battling within me fighting deep within
The memories come around and taunt me once again
Images from my past are dancing in my mind
I don't know what to do I'm in quite a bind

All the hateful words I heard when I was small
Are echoing within me "you're no good at all"
Perhaps it was the store and the people there
But  now  I am crying,  hurting everywhere

I  want to get away from all this hurt inside
But it keeps coming back; I  wish I could hide
There is always something that triggers me within
And carries me to the past all my hurts re-begin


Let me go

 Let me go to a place where love is everywhere
Where flowers are plentiful and kindness fills the air
Let me go to a place where everyone is free
Where even the animals have freedom to be

Let me go to a place where theres only pure air
Where  everyone's a child and laughter's everywhere
Let me go to a place where peace and love abide
Where no one is afraid or no one needs to hide

Let me go to a place where no one wants to fight
where everyone is happy where everyone is light
Let me go to a place where its good to be  small
and everyone is  respectful  and loving to all..

Fighting the demons

Fighting the demons in my mind today
Wish they'd stop and go away
Usually they come to me by night
But now they're taunting me in the light

Its just not fair to come around
and hit me when I'm on the ground
Whoever said evil would be fair
Surely not they for they don't care.

Meant to Fly

Softly the birds are singing to me
How beautiful they are: so pure, so free
Nothing to keep them from doing their thing
Can you imagine a bird who cannot sing?

I love the birds they fly so free
They touch the sky they  look at me
They whistle to me while in the sky
Don't you know, you're meant to fly.

Sometimes in life you  must let go
Of things familiar, things you know
To come to do what is yours to do
Goodbyes, Hellos are waiting for you.

Indeed some doubts will surely arise
When you decide to soar the skies
But you'll  come to know great peace
While  in the flight your  fears will cease.

We all have something we're meant to do
It'll  gnaw within us: through and through
And until we come to do our thing
We will be  like a bird that cannot sing

Sunday, July 24, 2011

I will be missing someone for the next week
I feel so worried inside me i don't want to speak
Just like a little girl am feeling a bit afraid
Am hiding from the worries my fears have made

the universe and me

Tonight I am very tired and my mind is wanting to sleep
Sometimes its hard to focus with all the   hours I keep
But, I keep pushing forward and enter my quiet place
Where the universe awaits me with its calming grace

I thought I'd simply rest; not  picture anything
And let the silence carry what  wisdom would bring
So as I close my  eyes and let the moments start
 I can hear the  universe singing in  my heart

 The melody's so gentle  just like a symphony
I can hear every creature  singing inside of me
I know this is because we are never far apart
The universe is  with me and of it I'm a part.

Simple words

I am just a simple soul in love with simple things
I don't need many riches or the power that it brings
I believe I've been put here to echo day by day
That we are all  interconnected in a very special way

Every creature of the earth yes all  living things
Breathe with one  breath which the one spirit brings
We can only be complete in as much as we love all
For every creature is in us  no matter how  small

We breathe with one spirit

So it is the morning and I have made it through the night
It is time to join the melody that arrives with morning light
Birds are singing sweetly and the universe joins in
All creation is united through the gentle Spirit within

Every thought we are thinking and every word we say
Will fall upon the universe and affect it in some way
So while we are up this morning let us resolve to be
Creators of the positive that will change humanity.

We are all part of one family and one unity we share
We are one with the universe and with people every where
Though we may not understand it we are all truly one
Whenever there is fighting the whole universe is undone


Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Struggle

I have become afraid that I have been doing something wrong
By breaking from the silence that I held onto for so long
That somehow I will be punished for opening my soul inside
And revealing  to another all the hurts and pains  I hide

I try to stop these worries but they echo more and more
I run to my quiet place and they push right through the door
Its been a long long day running from  thoughts inside
I am exhausted from their taunting my soul is sorely tried

I have to close my eyes now and try to inhale   grace
To  exhale all these thoughts that cause my heart to race
I am broken up and tired; wanting to be free:
I am picturing a fire consuming all that frightens me


I'm quieting down my mind at the dawn of day
LIstening to her wisdom: she has so much to say
The universe is speaking: let us now begin
Turn off the outer senses and enter deep within

Breathe in positive energies hold it just a tad
Exhale negative energies those which made you mad
Breathe in again good feelngs those which make you glad
Exhale hurtful memories all that makes you sad

Continue to breathe in slowly let the universe guide
Exhale all that is ugly and painful to you inside
Breathing will prepare you to enter your quiet place
Inhale all of  the spirit : exhale all disgrace

Slowly an image emerges it is a crystal sea
She invites me to enter  as she approaches me
Her waters are so cooling; they  calm my fragile mind
I listen to her silence, my fears are left behind.

thank u "T"


Friday, July 22, 2011

why don't you love me mommy

 why don't you love me mommy
why must i cry and cry
why wont you hug me mommy
why never a  lullaby
why do you hate me mommy
why hit me o so bad
why do you blame me mommy
what happened to my dad

why do you curse me mommy
why the words of hate
why despise me mommy
and make me stay up late
why do you say that  mommy
am your worst mistake
I 'm  not good enough mommy?
see the grades i make?

Why am I here mommy
you never wanted me
Why label me mommy
cause of all misery
Why dont you want me mommy
you beat me black and blue
Why wont your hold me mommy
don't I belong to you?

Teardrops in my eyes

With  teardrops in my eyes  I head to a quiet place
Looking for some solace some consoling grace
 Its not so easy tonight: my soul is drenched with rain
But I will quiet myself and let silence ease  my pain

Beside the lake I rest and watch the waters flow
I let her healing touch soothe the hurts I know
As I rest within my spirit, my broken heart still sighs
For I can hear my angel; i can hear her cries..

But as I sit her pondering I see a rainbow bright
And my angel walking out with a glowing light
She wants me to be happy and not forever sad
Sorrow lasts a moment be forever we are glad.



Would you break my heart again and leave me broke in two
Why is all of this happening;  what is my soul to do?
I'm just  a broken being: I don't know where to start
I'm holding all the pieces of my very  broken heart...

Should I go now to my safe place and let my tears run dry
Or should I sit in silence; not allow myself to cry?
Its all so very painful and  yet what is there to say?
I cannot stop the universe from taking things away....

New Beginnings

Each day is a new beginning; we start with morning light
And travel through each second; becoming ever more bright
We carry into each minute, our beings ever dear
And enter into each hour with messages we can't hear

LIfe is but a journey; through which, time is slipping away
We enter into each moment with things we have to say
Moving within the spaces that make up our every day
We weave together the garments, life wears along the way

Sometimes in life  things happen and we find we must let go
 Of  the familiar ways of doing things for ways we do not know
But in  picking up the pieces that have fallen during change
We are able to sew together what life has for us in exchange

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Today I have been running around
 with my broken heart in hand
I found it so very hard to focus
 and hard to understand
The mysteries of the universe
are some times hard for me
So it is with death and sorrow
that brought me misery

I felt like a little child again
who never had a  say
Saying goodbye to one I loved
broke me in every way
It didnt seem to make any sense
the way she had to die
Who am I  to question fate
or even question why

But it all seemed so very unfair
the way it came to be
Must I accept with loving hands
what cruelty gives to me?
Why is it that this innoncent one
 had to cruelly die
I weep and wonder and cry out loud
please tell me why!

A Surprise!

What song can I sing for you tonight whats words can i say
What will put a rainbow in your sky and brighten up you way
Sometimes its good to think of others when one is feeling  blue
So the poem that I am writing tonight is from me to you.

I am hoping you had a happy day for you are special to me
Usually you are on this blog awhile going over my poetry
I bet you didn't think that you'd find a poem just for you
But tonight I am saying thanks alot  for all the  reading you do

I started this blog as therapy and then extended it more
I felt I'd like to have you with me so I opened my blog's door
And you came in and read my verse and said a thing or two
So I'm reaching out from within my heart to offer a big thank you

After the Rains

 ( in memory of my kitty: angel)

It's the morning after the rainfall and clouds still fill my sky
The memory of my angel cannot so quickly pass by
Yet  through the tiny raindrops that fell upon  my soul
I see the sparkling colors that come  from her rainbow

Another day is starting so I  slowly enter inside
I gather up my memories and quickly run and hide
I try to reason within me but that will never do
The spirits has its answers for things that pierce me through

Sometimes we have to surrender that which we  hold dear
In order to receive the blessings that are about to draw near
It appears our heart is  broken that it is way  beyond repair
But within our being is waiting the spirit with healing care.

So surrender oh my being to this sorrow deep inside
Let the ointment of the spirit heal the wounds  you hide
Let the promise of tomorrow carry you through the day
And the pains that weigh you down will all soon pass away

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Raining in my soul

It's  been raining in my soul today
Losing my kitty has darkened the way
I can't understand the way things go
Accepting what is  is all I can know

I'm running for shelter inside my heart
Tears are ready and begin to start
How can I not feel the loss inside
Its something so real and hard to hide.

Yet I know there's reason for everything
Even the darkness has something to bring
So I listen in silence and try to be still
Asking for wisdom to enlighten my will.

"Don't Be Afraid" are the words that I hear
Echoing within me loud and clear
Though storms may shatter your heart within
Peace will follow and new life begin

All things have a beginning and end
Sometimes its hard to lose a friend
Letting go is always  the hardest to do
But it will be replaced by something new.

( will miss you my kitty  , my friend)

Grieving my kitty

I have lost one of my inside  kitties because of the evil one
who yesterday scared her off;  now my heart is so undone
i have called and called so many times, she's nowhere to be found
sweet angel how I'm missing you .. how i wish  you were around.

The other cats are grieving her; the youngest is so sad
Why are people so cruel and mean; why treat God's creatures bad
What could a little kitty do to deserve such spiteful hate
I am hurting deep within in me now  wondering about her fate

Taunted by demons

The demons had taunted my soul last night
Replaying the memories that caused me fright
I tossed  and I turned and I weakly cried
Leave me alone please stay outside

No matter how hard I tried to run
The memories took over and left me undone
Exhausted and broken by all that fear
I ran to my safe place which i hold dear

Trembling all over I pondered inside
Looking for a cavern in which I could hide
There in my being I created my cave
Where evil can't enter and I am safe

I stayed till the morning; till  all was clear
And my heart was calmed, relieved from fear
Hope was renewed; I was able to write
Of the beauty that comes from the inner light

To The Quiet

To the quiet, I go  each morning with care
To discover the secrets that wait for me there
To contemplate beauty I cannot yet see
To listen to the universe inside of me

To the quiet I go whenever  I fear
The rumors and threats that keep drawing near
To find there the peace that comes from within
I enter in silence to let  wisdom begin.

To the quiet I go;  I'm inviting you there
To ponder inside you  so you can share
The beauty I find, the secrets I hear
Listen inside you; the message is clear.

To the quiet we must go so we can find
Serenity of heart and peace of mind
Entering within some moments each day
Will balance our lives and brighten our way

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Like a child

My mind is completely empty as I go to my quiet place
How can I write some  verse with such an empty space?
I suppose I will sit here and listen  and see what I can see
Or perhaps I will just start writing whatever comes to me

But What's really on my mind is how much i like to be
Similar to the children who are simple and care free
There is something beautiful in them  that i want to keep  inside
And that is their sense of wonder for all the world outside

Seems the little ones never tire of seeing things as new
Everything they encounter is an exciting thing to do
Would that I could always keep a childlike simplicity
That sees every moment with awe and mystery..

A flower in the desert

In the vastly spreading desert a little flower grows
With tiny pink petals and a presence that hardly shows
She is the only flower in that desert you will see
She smiles with gentle beauty and is beautiful as can be

How she survives that desert with its heat extremely high
Is a miracle for the storybooks that no one can deny
Yet she silently waits the raindrops that will  fall upon her face
And soothe her thirsting spirit as she  blesses that arid place

If ever you are hopeless and think things can not go right
think of this little flower growing despite the desert's  plight
She seems so mighty foolish to think that she could grow
Where all the rest of the flowers would never venture to go

Yet she has a hope within her and continues through the pain
And her hope is never foolish for  there always comes a rain.
So too when your life is darkened by shadows that you fear
Keep a hope within you for your morning star is near

Monday, July 18, 2011

Refuge from the heat...

The day is muggy and temperature high
Need to refocus as the hours pass by
With every breath a challenge I take
Positive energy I'm hoping to make

while the heat is rising and air is thin
I'm heading to the ocean waters within
closing my mind to the exhausting pain
I picture the ocean speckled by rain

letting each  rain drop cool my mind
hoping to redirect this relief i find
To parts of my body held captive by heat
Moments in silence refreshingly sweet.

Morning Awakes

The morning is waking and   calls out to all
"Come waken", it's morning "come answer my call"
She whispers with beauty in the sound of her voice
All the universe awakens and begins to rejoice

The wind she is blowing around everywhere
She rouses the lazy with the greatest of care
Touching each creature and element below
The wind never slumbers she's always on the go

Radiantly glowing the sun begins to shine
And touches creation with  kisses divine
Warming all areas he chances to be
The bright star of morning is easy to see

The universe now ready invites us to sing
The song that emerges from every living thing
To join in the chorus that echoes each day
Simply count the blessings that come your  way

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Like the flowers

Like the flowers let me be ever gentle ever kind
Ready to share with others  inner beauty that i find
Like the flowers let me be ever open and sincere
Ready to welcomes anyone who wishes to draw near

LIke the flowers let me be ever simple and carefree
That others may feel comfort whenever they're near me
Like the flower let be the first to waken up a smile
Never counting the minutes and ready to stay a while

Like the flowers let me be ever ready to make space
When other souls come forth to share their light n grace
Like the flowers let me be ever gentle ever kind
Then this will be a better place for all of humankind

Trying to find my way

Went out with some people today and was "charitably" put  down
For not yet being in one of the churches  located  here in   town
I need some time for healng and also I am needing my space
Isn't it true  God's everywhere; not just in one little place?

Sometimes the holiest people can really make you blue
I am trying to find my own faith while doing my healing too
It's not easy to make many choices when others push their way
I hope the day gets a little better; need some sunshine today


From the night of scary dreams

From the night of scary dreams that robbed me of my sleep
Morning roused my soul within me and caused my heart to weep
Though memories danced around me and scared me deep within
The light of morning reminded me: new things will  begin.

I could not stop the memories or  things they chose to say
I had to sit and listen  and let them have their way
Despite the tears they brought me I knew so deep within
That all these things would pass and healing would begin

Ride the wind

It is time to greet the morning and let the night slip away
The sparrow sings here melody as the wind starts to play
All creation comes alive with the touch of morning's light
The universe gifts us all with a new  sense of sight

If we stop to listen deeply, the wind is calling out our name
"Come ride with me", she is saying, "and you'll never see the same.
I 'll take you places you've  never been, yes even  to sea
Come ride with me" the wind cries out, she inviting you and me.

Put aside all of  the day's routine and listen deep within
The music of the universe is waiting   to begin
Listen with the ears of your heart to all she has to say
Creation has a melody she wants to share with you today.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Afternoon Shower

The rains have started to pour inside
I'm getting all drenched, I want to hide
But where ever I go so goes the rain
I'll have to ponder right through the pain.

The rains will water the flowers within
The thunder allows it all to soak in
The lightning enables rocks to break
What a lovely garden it's  going to make

While I'd  love to stop these tears right now
 I see they are  necessary   some how
So I'll let them flow and not feel shame
Soon happy flowers will be calling my name

The light within.

The night was very trying with demons ever near
To shake me in my dreams and cause my heart to fear
Though they were only memories painful as can be
They woke me  from my sleep and would not let me be

So from my place of resting I rose early in this day
To settle into my quiet place and redirect my way
Closing up my memory and opening my eyes to see
I pictured a hundred angels  reaching out to me

All of them were so beautiful and glowing with pure light
I wanted to hug them all and  keep them  in my sight
But they were there within me and not for all to see
To bring a bit of comfort and restore some peace to me

I know each day will bring us a mixture of good and bad
But we have the strength within us to help us when we're sad
We have only to enter the  silence that dwells so deep within
To find the courage we need when difficulties begin.


Friday, July 15, 2011

Quieting down

night time is falling; I'm needing my quiet place
the day has been full and tugged at my  heart space
trying to be positive while knowing some pain
is always a task with so much to gain

So to my interior i  secretly go
And quiet my senses so visions can flow
Inside of my heart whenever I'm still
The spirit paints images over my will

Sometimes I can see them as clear as the day
Other times I must wait until time slips away
But always the lessons are  waiting for me
From the depths of my spirit I am able to see

Tonight I'm pondering at my lake once again
Just listening to the silence that's deep within
The beauty of the water so tranquil and still
Speaks of a peace that runs through my will

To All the Broken Hearted People

There are some broken hearted people who are struggling today
So I write this poem for you and am sending it out your way
I know your heart is aching and you feel like no one cares
The burden inside is heavy and the wound inside you tears

You look for someone to talk to; but there is no one around
You seek for  consolation but there is none to be found
You keep on wondering within you: how long this pain will last
I am reaching out to assure you this hurt will become your past

Right now it doesn't seem so for the pain is awfully great
But if you keep on hoping; it will pass before too late
I cannot stop your  suffering or any of the hurts you feel
But know that I'm feeling it with you and my concern for you is real.

What a child might ask

Quiet everything

Morning is here, what a wonderful day
Friday is appearing in a beautiful way
Birds are all chirping together in song
A gentle breeze readies to blow things along

Thoughts are now forming deep in my mind
Inviting me to ponder, to seek and to find
The universe whispers of wisdom most dear
Silence cries out with a voice ever clear.

Shut off for a moment the things you plug in
Let the song of universe slowly begin
Deep in your being a symphony plays
It can carry your through all of your days.

Listen intently to everything around
All creation cries out with a beautiful sound
Keep your eyes open and you will always see:
The earth creates visions and shares mystery

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Like the flowers

Tonight is going to be a challenge to get things turned around
Yet I am heading to a safe place where serenity can be found
Sitting here with all the pieces of my freshly broken heart\
I close my eyes to ponder giving meditation a start.

I have decided to gently picture a quiet meadow land
Sprinkled with countless flowers which I gather in my  hand
Each one  is so very  beautiful yet each one has its  song
That tells of joys and struggles  that seem to tag along

So we are like the flowers that grow so pure and  free
Sometimes we'll have our visions; other times agony
All this is to make us stronger,  like the flowers of the field
Who with the rain and sunshine: blooms of beauty yield


The sun is shining brightly, not a cloud is in the sky;
All creation is calling out for me to come and stop by
The birds are singing sweetly their melody fills the air
My soul is taken up by all the beauty everywhere

I am so slowly moving and its time to meditate
My cats have all been fed and its getting late
I don't know what to ponder, I'm in an empty space
Perhaps this is how its all suppose to take place.

For: If I fill my mind with noise and  useless things
I can never hear the song that all creation sings
And If I have  ideas of what the lesson ought to be
I'd never have any room for each moments mystery

So today I wont be painting any pictures in my mind
But rather I'm leaving it empty to see what I will find
By listening to the sounds of every creature everywhere
I can hear the message of the universe as it fills the air.

We often miss this  music that sounds out every day
Because we are too noisy and let it slip away
Every moment has its message that we need to hear
We have only to become silent and wisdom will draw near.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Today some of my friends are hurting and it wounds me deep inside
I want to take away all that pains them and toss it away outside.
I cannot see another suffer and not feel that  hurt within
I think its time for me to ponder and let my meditation begin.

I am picturing the mighty ocean; it is so deep and wide
It has so much life within it but we don't see it from outside
sometimes we are superficial, judging only by what we see
yet fail to grasp the beauty that lies hidden from you and me

If we are to understand this beauty and the secrets deep within
We have to let go of our ideas that wont allow visions to begin
The world is so great and wonderful yet it will be  hard to see
If we carry around set ideas of what beauty is suppose to be.

Running Late

Morning has broken and I am little behind
First time that  I am waking so close to nine
The birds have stopped singing;the cats are upset
Thinking I forgot them:  as though I could forget.,,

So I scurry around to get them all fed
Trying to shake the sleep from my head
I need to refocus and picture within
Some peaceful images and so I begin

I picture  a lake that is gentle and clear
I hold to this image and slowly draw near
Trees are not moving they're calm as can be
Flowers are plentiful and  waving at me.

Squirrels are scampering without any care
Creation's beauty is found everywhere
There is so much mystery calling out to me
Simply by pondering I can set it all free

Even though the day's hectic when I begin
Focusing on beauty will calm me within
I simply need  to ponder the beauty outside
And  let all its lessons echo deeply inside


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Digging Deep

 Strength I have none for the heat is so high
I try to breathe deeply  but it makes me cry
The air so heavy; so hard to breathe in
Come help me dear angels, the oxygen's thin.

Rhymes are not wanting to come out today
Even the verses are hiding away
This is not the way my thinking should be
 Time to refocus and create poetry

To the meadows I go  in the quiet of my mind
To reflect with the monarchs and crickets I find.
How gracefully they travel over here and over there
Never any worries, and never any care.

Flying all around me a busy bumble bee
Is tempted to land and needle into me
But I wont  allow for that; I flick it far away
Slowly disappearing is the heat of the day

Finally calming down I am ready now to leave
This visit deep within has given me reprieve
There is so much beauty that enters every time
 I go within my being to create poetic rhyme

A New Day

The earth has been watered with a downpour of rain
Like tears that have fallen after a long night of pain
The morning star rises and shines everywhere
Touching all creatures with warm gentle care

Blue skies appear as darkness gives way
Signaling the start of another new  day
Dreams are all over and everything is ok
Feelings and hurts will soon pass away

Things we can't imagine are waiting to be
We have only to start this new day to see
The beauty, the wonder and secrets within
Each moment, each second that we allow in

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Beauty of each moment

The  universe has kindly given  a beautiful display
Thunder lightening and hail all on the very same day
cooling down the temperature giving some reprieve
Making it so much easier to function and to   breathe

One must learn to appreciate and have the eyes to see
The beauty of each moment which comes to you and me
Whether its a change in temperature or email from a friend
There's beauty every second; upon this you can depend'

We  simply have to look around  and see what we can see
Creation is ever calling out  : : "come take a walk with me"
It will require an open mind and also an open ear
To hear the secrets of the universe which are so very dear

Educate about Equality

If today was your last day

If today was your last day how would you live
Would you  change how you're living; would you change how u give
If you knew this was the last one the very  last day
Would you change what you're doing and give everything away?

If today was the last day and your ending was  near
Would you call up your family and all those you hold dear?
What would do differently how would it end
Would you try to love everyone and make everyone your friend?

Creation speaks

i see  all the clouds they are floating in the sky
they seem to wave hello and then they say goodbye
I see the majestic sun so radiant and so proud
He warms with  his smile earth's ever growing crowd.

I hear the wind come whispering touching me on my cheek
Saying follow me, my friend,  if true beauty you will seek
Imagine following the wind  who  never has an end
Some day i will set out to follow this invisible friend

Then the birds come chirping fluttering here and there
saying how much fun it is flying through  the air..
Let yourself go and see how high you can soar
The birds sing to me  and fly off for something  more.

All creation is singing yes even the bumble bee
has some deeper wisdom if we're  willing to see
listen with your heart:  to what  you see with your eyes
for in every creature you see: infinite wisdom lies.


Love is sweet

Waking up this morning I felt great peace inside
I actually slept right through; nothing to make me hide
I don't remember dreaming; which is so very rare
I am slolwly getting up and proceeding with gentle care

I can hear the birds of morning they are chirping away
They never miss a moment, they always greet the day
In the background a dog is crying he is always sad
I cry with him inside; his owner treats him bad

It is the time for pondering time for my "safe place"
So I go into my mind, hoping for some grace
I love the vision of flowers growing  in the field
So I let my spirit create; to imaginings I  yield

Flowers of every color appear within my mind
There are all shapes and sizes;  there is every kind
They never make a sound; their music fills the air.
Beauty is a melody; it touches the soul with care

As I am pondering the flowers, they fill up  the air
Sweetening it with their fragrance; yes sweetness everywhere
Like the flowers we can give our love from deep  inside
We have only to open up to let our sweetness go outside.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Streams of Tears

I have a stream of tears that are falling  down my face
I really can't say why but they are all over the place
Seems like its all coming out and  I'm feeling rather blue
Emotions are running wild and I don't know what to do.

All the memories and the hurts; all the pains and the shame
Everything that's ever happened is now calling out my name
One by one I could handle them but not when they come as  many
My heart is seeking comfort but so far hasn't found any.

Grades on a paper

Grades on a paper have me triggered again
My abuser's voice is echoing you'll never win
It's just one letter grade out of all that were there
Something has me triggered; tears are everywhere

When I was growing up grades had to be an A
Anything lower than that would never be okay
So though I did my best when I didn't get an A
I was beaten all over,.there was nothing I could say

Its an awful feeling growing up in such a way
You never felt good enough unless you got an A
So I have these memories coming back to me
Simply because of a paper, on which I got a C


Every morning I rise and try to shake memories away
How long will these nightmares be the heralds of my day ?
Trembling  all over; these remnants are so  real
That I try with all of my being to express how I feel.

Abandonment is so painful; it creeps around inside
And carves itself a monument;  leaving my heart open wide
I try to understand these feelings;  but, tears are all I see
How powerless I become, when memories take hold of me

So from this place of remembering; I try to break away
To create a better image that can carry me through the day
Like a child who has been wanting something way up high
I sit in my place of visions and watch angels fill the sky.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Cry of the child...

I am broken and crushed and want to cry
How long, how long? May I ask why?
You keep on hurting and hitting on me
I am just a child, oh can't you see?

What did i do to receive such pain
Why must my tears continue like rain
When will you love me, when will you care
Can you not hear me,  is anybody there?

I wish you could feel it just like I do
The blows the kicks i get from you
Yet you continue this day after day
I feel so unloved it wont go away

Is that what you want mommy so  dear
That I grow up afraid, always in fear?
Why don't you love me, why don't you care?
O won't you stop  hurting me, it isn't fair

Your child


I take my pen in hand as my soul begins to cry
The tears they keep on coming, the well is nearly dry
Its hard to understand, everything that's been said
It should be somewhat comforting but I'm afraid instead

I am wanting to be healed yet my soul is so afraid
Not sure how all my brokenness should be displayed
The answer may seem simple but its difficult too
Letting another in is a painful  thing to do

Holding Eternity

With the help of an angel I am going to my place
To allow peaceful thoughts into  my heart space
I will sit with the flowers who gaze towards the sun
and ponder the beauty they share with everyone

Its been  quite a day but I'm here  in my heart
pondering creation giving meditation a start
All of the universe is resting inside  me
Can you even imagine it :  holding eternity?

The Rusty Nail

one thing our abuser didn't like was getting a doctor bill
so we had all we could do to hide when we were ill
Came a day I was outside walking with only barefeet
Wasn't worried about anything or who I might meet

Then something jabbed me sharply and i quickly cried
There on the bottom of my foot was  a hole  gaping wide
I was terrified by the sight but more afraid of what would be
If I went home and told my abuser a rusty nail punctured me

So I practiced all my walking as though it didn't hurt
I fell  so many times; my clothes were stained with dirt.
Arriving from that outing I was obviously a  mess
I Got scolded and then  beaten "for my clumsiness"

Yet I didn't let out anything of  the hole  that was there.
I walked with great difficulty pain shot out everywhere.
For one week I was wobbling and barely able to walk
Until it was obvious I was hurting  I found it hard to talk

When finally my abuser asked me "show me your feet"
I was instantly punished  and my body she did beat.
To the doctor we went and he was shaking his head
Saying one more day and this child could have been dead

Infection had taken over and my foot was awful sore
The doctor kept shaking his head,looking at the door.
My abuser said I spoke nothing of the wound until now
I  was lucky  my abuser said .. she noticed it  some how.

What about the bruises on her legs and her eyes
My abuser look at him as though she was surprised.
I don't know how they got there  I really don't  know
My abuser said innocently and  we got ready to go.

 I think that the angels work hard looking after me
So  many many times I could have been a tragedy
I know in my heart that there is a reason I am  here
I have been protected by so many angels year after year.

The bottle that parted my hair

I am sitting here pondering over the meaning of things
Listening to the melody that the new morning brings
Lost in my thoughts that come from yesteryear
No doubt another poem is soon to be here.

I can't get away from thinking about  memories today
They are chasing me everywhere I can't get away
So I will just have to start writing and see where I land
Thank you for your patience; I'm glad you understand.

I was walking home from school with my sister so dear
A boy on a hill was shouting and causing us great fear
He was holding   in his hand a broken bottle from beer
He says I'm going to throw this, and it landed "right here".

My sister, she  was crying, blood covered my  face
I couldn't feel it on me; yet I was swaying in place
We were coming home from school; our abuser wasn't there
My neighbor took us in and washed out my hair.

Our abuser come home yelling and asked what was done
You can go to the doctor or I'll take it out: choose one?
I knew if i chose the doctor  I would get holy hell
So I let her take it out i blacked out and fell

To this day I have a reminder of what happened there
I can still feel a bump where the bottle parted my hair
I don't  know the reason for remembering  this all
Other then to remind me angels are watching; lest I should fall.

Outside in the cold

Standing outside freezing when we came home from school
Was  something so very normal ; it became the rule
So no matter what  the temperature reading was outside
We stood there waiting for our abuser  to come let us inside

I  can still feel those cold days and how the wind would bite
How my  fingers were so frozen that  I felt I had frostbite
My toes, they wer were so cold I could hardly even walk
So chilled was my body;that  it hurt me even  to talk

We didn't have warm clothing one layer that was all
It causes me to shiver now ; as this memory I recall
Why I am remembering it; I really do not know
Other then the fact that I have a great love for snow.

Friday, July 8, 2011

All Together

The rain is falling all around while a cardinal playfully sings
A joyul robin is watching out  for what rain indirectly  brings
Though the skies are clouding up and the day is awfully grey
Beauty emerges from the darkness at the close  of day

I find it hard to keep back tears;  triggers have come my way
I approach the safe place deep within and softly begin to pray
I'm weak and fragile, poor and needy: please feel my soul with light
Pour your wisdom into my heart and help me to see things right

I picture inside a quiet pond with creatures all around
Ducks and geese and rabbits too: everything is found
Inside the pond there is also life : fish of every kind
What vision of peaceful  beauty this is for my tired mind

Though the creatures are all so different they all get along
Sharing the happiness of the pond each singing their own song
The lesson here is quite clear: that though we live differently
We can all  come together if we want and work for unity

unwanted email

my heart is racing my soul is  afraid
pictures and memories are displayed
feelings are felt, emotions are raw
tears are coming from  what I saw

can't hold it in they wont stay inside
secrets all over, it's hard to hide
who do you tell when no one is  near
crying and weeping so full of fear.

broken yet silent without a sound
triggered by emails I have found
can't erase whats already inside
tears coming out i have to hide.

Can You?

Can  you hear it, the sound of the morning waking?
She is rising and her light is for your partaking
Can you feel it, the soothing rush against your face
She is speaking, the wind carries to  you her grace

Can you touch it, the sweet gentleness of her glow
The sun is shining, shining for you  don't you know
Can you sing it the song that  all creation sings?
You are invited to join  the melody that she brings.

Can you wonder. are you able to reach the skies
Can you appreciate, so much beauty around you lies
Will you try to, try to go beyond your normal routine
And capture the mystery waiting for you in everything