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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Like a lost lamb

Today i managed to wander off
the path so safe and sound
And found myself on foreign land
and stumbled all around
I ventured into  ways unknown
and found myself in tears
I wish I knew the way to go
I'm held back by my fears.

Like a lamb that is lost I
wander to and fro
I hear the cry of angry wolves
I know I  have to  go
But what direction is the best
which way is best to turn
Oh there are so many things
that I have yet to learn.

The night is falling quickly
And I must get now to  my place
Or the creatures of the darkness
will drag me to their space
Look quickly, oh my soul
oh don't you  see the light?
Follow that  voice within you
and you'll find the  path that's right.

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