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Friday, June 24, 2011

Up before five.

This morning I'm looking out my window darkness is still around
Yet stars light up the sky and a sliver of   moon is found
Dawn has not yet happened yet beauty is everywhere
In the tiny creatures  crawling and in the crisp cool air.

In the distance I hear the wind as it touches upon some chimes
What beautiful sounds they give us inspiring angelic rhymes
I remember hearing somewhere that if chimes we chance to hear
An angel is receiving its wings which tells me one is near

Finally a sparrow starts singing just a few minutes before five
How good it is to hear such music, I listen to creation  live
Another bird has joined in; it sounds like a robin so dear
A red bird also is whistling what a symphony we have here

I could go on listening forever to all creation's sound
But there is yet some work to do, my cats are waiting around
So bidding fairwell to the universe I slowly make my way
And begin the duties  before me and start my brand new day.

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