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Monday, June 6, 2011

Too Late For This Little Angel

The little girl was broken, she was battered and was torn
and had known nothing but heartaches, ever since she was born
She truly loved her mommy for she planned to let her know
For folded in her pocket was a letter telling her so
Only she couldnt give it; for she was lifeless on the floor
It ended with the last beating her little life: no more.
"I didnt mean to do it.. she made me oh so mad"
Mother explained to the policeman and then again to dad
How could you not see it .. she was just a little child
And now she is lifeless a little angel undefiled
We need to read the signsl we see them every day
And report the broken children we meet along the way.
For it may really be a matter of life or death
Whether you make a call can save a babys breath

Report child abuse..

Make that call

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