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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

To The Quiet

I am slowly making my way over  to my quiet place
Wondering what beauty is waiting in my secret space
The birds are no longer singing and the sky no longer blue;
This is going to take some work; but,  nothing grace can't do.

I'm pondering inside my being what makes a pretty sight
I picture a peaceul lake sparkling with  mornng   light
A few mallards floating  by as trees wave upon the shore
My soul weeeps with happy tears:  the universe I adore.

The waters are so peaceful and the air is so clean
Only kindness can be found here and never nothing mean.
I can stay for hours here,  soaking  in  the peace
But I know my work is waiting so the vision has to cease

 I take in the last moments and hear a message clear
When life becomes too difficult immerse your being here.
For inside you there is always peace always light and love
Yes inside the Divine always waits  to lift your soul above.


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