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Friday, June 24, 2011

this morning

This morning I woke  before five and immediately headed to that quiet space my T had told me about so that I could begin the morning with good thoughts. It was wonderful to hear creation singing and notice the first notes of the sparrow.

We take so much for granted. We have so much noise around us that we cannot appreciate the beautiful music going on every day. We don't even have to turn on the radio to hear it; rather,  we must turn off the radio to hear. We have to turn off the tv, the computer, the ipad and whatever else that would compete with natures symphony.

When one is healing, little victories mean alot and for me to be able to block out the nonsense that surfaces to my mind in the form of a memory or two is a victory. Daily there are triggers that spark me to remember things hurtful, things that left deep gouges in my soul  and that still need healing. When such things happen, my T suggested to do one of two things: to stop and go to my safe place or do some breathing exercises.
Usually I do the first, since the latter is hard for one who has lung problems. I do try to do small breathing exercises everyday; but very small so as not to complicate things rather than help.

Every day  I try to write what music is in my soul, which comes out in poetry. Sometimes it is happy music, other times not so happy. Life is like that .. sometimes we are on the mountain and at other times in the valley.

Hope you enjoy the songs I sing through my poetry. They can be anyone's song changing a word or two here or there. I will always write every day and if something moves me; maybe, I will write without verse, like now.
Hope you have a nice day; know that I am happy you stopped by. Please never feel sorrow for what I write but rather rejoice that I can express myself. It's not something I was always free to do. Letting things out, though painful to do and read,  is really healing the hurts inside me. Namaste

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