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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Thankful, Despite the Storms

I am heading over to the lake with my troubled heart
I'm hoping that inspiration will help me get a start
The night was long and sleepless but morn is finally here
The morning dove is cooing peace will soon draw near

I close my eyes to ponder the beauty of the day
And thank the eternal spirit for illuminating the way
Deep inside my being I consider all that's ours:
The universe, the cosmos, yes even all the stars

'One by one I name them :the things that give me bliss
So much to be thankful for yet do I   take time for this?
So I am resolving here while in my broken state
To always take to ponder and gratefully meditate

It is something we can do no matter the time of day
There is always so much beauty we can find along the way
Everything that surrounds us speaks a lesson to our heart
We have only to be quiet for the messages to start.

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