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Monday, June 20, 2011

Thank you my friends

Thank you my friends

those people that go before us
as our examples and our guides
help us to keep up our courage 
when doubt hits us from all sides
those people who reach out to us
those people who really care
Are the ones we need to acknowledge
and thank for being there.

so thank you everyone 
who has ever reached out to me
thank you for being my friend
and for always helping me to see
Thank you for your kind words 
for all the things you send 
Thank you for all you are 
thank you for being my friend..

I may not always say it 
but you are always in my heart
I hope that you'll aways be there
a friend that'll never depart
You inpsire me to keep on hoping
and insipire me by who you are
I shall forever be grateful to you
whether you are near or far

Love you 

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