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Monday, June 6, 2011

The Monster From 2009

You were such a monster scaring me every day
Drawing me to your state to take my rights away
You controlled my every moment demanded that I obey
And said that if I didnt . I'd have a price to pay ..

Yet this wasn't how I knew you; you sounded oh so kind
Presented me with lies and false promises filled my mind
Nothing was as promised and you scared me oh so deep
Now its hard to trust . .and thinking of you I weep.

You gathered all my secrets pretending that you cared
demanded my obedience "or my secrets would be shared"
You wouldnt let me sleep and I never had a say
You told me my new job was to shut up and obey

Cursing me by phone and ordering me to the tub
Pictures were demanded of the water and the bub
how could you have done this to one you called your friend
Now I live in fear wondering whent this will end..

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