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Monday, June 13, 2011

Meditation by "the lake"

I begin my day by picturing a gentle peaceful lake
For my work and studies exhaust me;  all my energy they take.
While next to the lake and pondering a cardinal begins to sing
"All this stuff you're stressing over doesn't mean a thing"

I see some ducks come floating by and they begin to quack
"What's important is to do your best forget about what  you lack"
The sun is rising over the waters and gently warms this heart of mine:
"True beauty is not inside those pages but in how you choose to shine"

All creation cries out to me in my moments before the lake
"Better to lose a letter grade, than your peace:  for goodness sake."
I know I have to study but realize what nature would have me see:
"school will come to an end someday but I will continue to be"

( My therapist introduced me to the safe places to go to when
my mind is burdened or stressed and so dedicate this poem especially
to her .. thank you my T )

Good Morning.

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