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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A little note

I am on a journey to healing. I have someone who is guiding me through therapy ..
and who is helping me to come to know myself, the past, and who I am in relation
to all this.  I owe so much gratitude to that someone: Thank you, my T.

One thing I am learning is to go a "safe place" in my mind.. to picture inside me
somewhere safe and quiet ..apart from all noise of the past and hurtful memories;
away from the worries, and stress and negative feelings. There I stay until
I come to restore my peace.

This does bring me to much peace so many times.. and usually there. in my
safe place, my quietness of mind I find inspiration to write pretty things. Perhaps,
what I write you may not agree with and that's ok..but I share because the
words from my "safe place"  are h part of my therapy too.. Everything here is part of
my journey.. Hope you enjoy..

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