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Monday, June 6, 2011

Its Easy to Trust When

It is so easy to trust
when things go well
But not so easy
in periods of hell
When all is wrong
and people say
To give up hope
is the better way

It is easy to trust
when skies are blue
And everyone says
nice things of you
But not so easy
when things go wrong
And friends are quick
to steal your song.

Its easy to trust
when people praise
All you do and all
your ways
But not so easy
when all they say
Is the wrong you do
every single day

Its easy to trust
without any pain
When the soul has never
known of rain
But let the storm clouds
shake within
Then Trusting will be harder
than its ever been.

Keep on trying
your trust will grow
Don't give up hope
though courage may go
Trust will come
with the passing of time
Find comfort you're thought of
in this rhyme:

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