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Monday, June 6, 2011

I Was Just A Little Girl

I was just a litle girl
but broken up inside
All the hurts i had covered
And carefully tried to hide
The teachers they all saw me
With bruises black and blue
I wanted to cry out but
didnt know what to do
they asked me all the questions:
why and what and who
I shook and I trembled,
was frightened: through and through
I knew I had to answer and
i knew I had to tell
Because i did mom beat me
I was hurting, stuck in hell
My mom was very angered
and cursed upon that day
when the people come to take us,
take us all away
Then they brought us back,
to our awful home again
beatings, slaps, and
abuses once more did begin
I'm much older now..
but still so small inside
ready to start uncovering
all the wounds I had to hide
painfully opening up
to the gifted caring one
who can calm that little child
who was once too afraid to run.

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