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Friday, June 10, 2011

I have a right to heal

I am saddened today because
someone said I'm too old for therapy
that seeking help is just a sign
of my lack of maturity
they said therapy doesn't work
and I am wasting precious time
so i got my pen to writing
and am putting my thoughts to rhyme

I told them I have so much inside
that i really need to say
For so long i have held it all in
and it's just eating me away.
They laughed at me and said to me
and why is it only now
Did someone tell you that its time
and you're finally learning how?

They told me i was childish and
should stop going on this way
That if I went so long already
why am I seeking help today
They said I am self seeking and
looking for a name
that talking about the past
would only bring my family shame.

I was shaken by their words
but resolved I wouldnt fight
I don't believe in arguing
and felt that they weren't right
So I let them have their space
took all they had to say
Then told them not to call no more
I am choosing my own way.

Healing is so important to all
and the path we chooose is ours
We have the right to be relieved
from all our hidden scars.
Sometimes we let others stop us
from that healing deep inside
But we must choose whats right for us
and not let other people decide.

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