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Monday, June 20, 2011

I am just a simple soul

I am just a simple soul

I am just a simple soul who wants to  love and live
I want to be a friend to all I want to freely give
Yet so often I am learning that in wanting to be free
I encounter those who are hurtful and not so good for me

I'm  wanting to be a loving soul, I don't ever want to hate
Yet many say its better not to love all who cross your gate
I cannot grasp anything more than what lies within my heart
I am happiest when I am loving all and that will  never depart

How can I fit into this world of ours that so quickly clings
To that which is so superflous and on such passing things
My heart is set to a different beat and follows a different tune
If you would  to be a friend of mine it will never be too soon..


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