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Monday, June 13, 2011

Hello ?

Ring ring its the telephone
surely its ok to say hello..
But I was wrong ; it wasn't  ok
 and now am feeling verylow
all undone turned  inside out
oh, the things she said  again
Cutting deep with hateful words
said   i'm ugly and full of sin

I Tried  to stop her in her words
she wouldnt even listen to me
Said its sad when someone outs
the secrets of our family .
and that I should convert
and resolve  to confess
Turn aside from my sin
and all my ugliness

Again to the lake:

I am again sitting quietly next to the lake
My spirit is crushed and my heart has an ache
 I know it will pass once I am through
Letting the pain hurt is all I can do.

You'd think it would be  easier and no longer hurt
but it never is  fun being treated like dirt
Being called names by people who really should care
hurts me so deeply makes my heart tear.

My boundaries need fixing i know this is true
So back to building them is what I must do
I hate having to block every number coming in
But seems its the only way  healing can begin

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