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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Finding beauty in all

Sweet little sparrows are singing
with the purest of voices this morn
Their melody is so soothing
though my mind is  fragile and worn
The clouds outside may be lingering
but  there is beauty stiill to be found
In the flowers that are  appearing,
 and blessing the world without sound.

Last night it was a bit challenging,
memories robbed me of my rest
But a new day is slowly emerging
and inviting me to be blessed
So I am taking in all the  universe
and hearing what   it has to say
"Know that it's through your weeping
that true healing will come your way."

The gentle rain is now  falling
as i ready to start my day
I am considering  all creation
and everything it has to say
 there will be days of sunshine
and days when rain must fall
But every day will have its beauty
and I must  find it  all


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