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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Early hours

Early hours have waken me with thoughts upon my mind
I scramble to my secret place to see what I can find
At such an early hour my mind is slow to wake
Yet the spirit's promptings show which path to take.

Darkness is all around me night's shadows linger still
Yet gazing outside my window delights my sluggish will
For I see the fireflies fluttering with their sparkling light
What a wonderful phenomenon such creatures are to sight.

The crickets are making music so sweetly at this hour
Their sound is so peaceful and gives my musings power
Its something how, in the night time, when  things escape our sight
The inner eyes can see so clearly and give our spirit light.

Everything cries out to me there'll be a  better  day
And the terrors holding my  memory slowly slip away
I don't really understand how all things will come to be
But I trust in the one   guiding  me and in One I cannot see.

dedicated to my t who is helping me

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