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Monday, June 6, 2011

Dear Mom

the tears they will not stop
they flow and flow and flow
am crying deep inside
i have nowhere left to go
i wish i wasnt so wounded
i wish i wasnt such a mistake
i wish i can undo the thngs
that make you hate and hate

I am sorry you dont love me
am sorry you feel so mad
i wish i had been more perfect
and that my birth had made you glad
I am sorry for what i dont know
for those things you beat me for
am sorry i caused you sorrow
and that you dont want me anymore

i am sorry i am not strong
I am sorry i need to heal
sorry that the sight of me
makes you wish i werent real
i wish i could undo myself
remake myself just for you
I do anythng to knw why
you do to me what you do

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