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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

the beauty of each day

The beauty of each day.

it is always so very beautiful to waken with the brand new day
  to  hear the many birds chirping as darkness slips away
there is a certain sense of oneness, a sense of unity that I feel
rushing through my veins as their melody begins to still

 i can sense the mystery of each moment as i take in all the view
the awesomeness of creation pierces me through and through
no words can capture it completely so i have to let my words rest
before the masterpiece of the universe where i am  the welcomed guest

I challenge to this  adventure: tomorrow,  when you awake
Open your ears to the music that  creation is going to make
Listen, if you will, to the elements as they echo upon  the wind
And allow the touch  of creation to paint a beautiful picture within



  1. What a beautiful reminder & thank you for creating such an amazing place in my mind. Your poetry is so moving and inspirational, I look forward to each passing day to see what flows from your mind to this page. "Colors of the Wind" is a favorite song of mine. I love standing outside in the fall with the leaves blowing around me having my Pocahontas moment :)

  2. Reenie, one thing I can say is that even with tears that may fall; I know there is so much beauty around us. Thank you Reenie for also giving beauty and meaning to my day, every day. Your friendship is very very special to me. I enjoy being part of Invisible Scars on facebook. Keep on being who you are a gift angel ..a one of a kind friend.


Thank you for your comment.. you are dear to me.. I will reply to this comment