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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

All Creation Has A Voice

 All creation has a voice

i see  all the clouds they are floating in the sky
they seem to wave hello and then say goodbye
I see the majestic sun so radiant and so proud
He is warming with his smile earth's ever growing crowd.

I hear the wind come whispering touching me on my cheek
Saying follow me, my friend,  if true beauty you will seek
Imagine following the wind  who  never has an end
Some day i will set out to follow this invisible friend

Then the birds come chirping fluttering here and there
saying how much fun it is flying in the air..
Let yourself go and see if you can soar
The birds sing to me  and fly off for some more.

All creation is singing yes even the bumble bee
has some deeper wisdom if we're  willing to see
listen with your heart to what  you see with your eyes
for in every creature you  see infinite wisdom lies.

joy pachowicz

My Therapist has told me its good to do happy things to get away from all the trauma stuff some times so I will include here with my healing poems all poems that I write.. whether they are painfullly filled with memories or are delightfully filled with getting away from therapy work. This one is a happy poem. . hope you especially for Dr Young who is helping me  to divert from the "heavy therapy work "

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