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Saturday, December 31, 2011

There's something about creation

I have a love for all the flowers,  the plants and the trees
I also love the butterflies and am awed by the   bees
Every creature of the universe has become so  dear to me
Whenever I walk among them; I'm as peaceful as can be

There's something about creation that keeps drawing me  inside
As though I have some kinship with the universe outside
Could it be because we're all united through  that breath
That is keeping  us alive and  will raise us up from death?

Whatever be the reason I cannot keep myself from saying
God's beauty can be found in what the universe is displaying
We don't have to travel   to find the beauty and the peace
The universe is a chapel where our souls can find release.


Friday, December 30, 2011

Challenging moments

Tears are falling down today .. like the  raindrops from the skies
Memories are causing the overflow that spills out  from my eyes
Remembering those who once were there and now have gone away
Encourages my heart to open up with words no one else can  say

Gentle streams of water flow, while sighs are long and deep.
Too many  secrets I have held; how much longer will they keep?
These are the soul's most priceless gems, they are so deep within
Ah the weeping such treasures have caused: I don't know how to begin

Someday I'll have to pull them out and bring them into the light
The thought of such a challenging endeavor is causing me great fright
How does one share those priceless pearls  that no one else has ever seen
Only the soul's own spirit knows; for it alone knows what it will mean.


Are you ready for the New Year?

 The year is coming to an end and we stop to think again:
What resolutions can we be making ; and how will the new year begin?
Will we have a long long list of things we're promising to do
Or will we be more realistic when  the new year's coming through

Will we resolve to be a little more kind or try to eliminate
The  things in our lives that are most hurtful and make us 'not so great'
Will we try to  take a little more time and create a slower pace;
Instead of following the crowd  through life: running like there's a race

What will your resolutions be as you ring  in the New Year
Will you be pasting  them out online or  whisper them for angels to hear
Will you be creating lots of them that can never come to be?
Have you started your   resolutions yet; you don't have to answer me

Thursday, December 29, 2011

God is Everywhere

In the early morning hours when the sun begins to rise
I greet the waking moments with sleep still in my eyes
I listen to the whispers that are softly filling the air
The universe is echoing that : God is everywhere.

The sky is slightly colored by the rising solar glow
Birds are singings sweetly all the hymns that they know
Creatures of the world are slowly moving here and there
All creation is in agreement that God is everywhere.

Whether  I am inside a building or walking along the way
The voice of the Eternal still governs night and day
And though I am not able to  see my Creator anywhere
I have never ever doubted that God is everywhere.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Looking for the quiet

I'm heading to my quiet place, I'm needing a place to hide
It's one of those days when everything is tearing me up inside
I'm needing to find that silence where my soul can finally breathe
I know its here inside me; I have only to look and  believe

Deep inside my being I  venture into that sacred space
Where silence is my healer and I  breathe in needed grace.
It's hard for me to understand  things  beyond  my  mind
So I'm wading around  simplicity to see what I can find

The universe is ever so kind and willing to help me  see
The beauty of every moment, how each one's a mystery
And though some days are cloudy and the skies are sometimes  gray
I know there's always  tomorrow and the hope for a better day.

As you start your day

There is beauty in the gentleness that we share day to day
Reaching out in kindness will always brighten another's way
 Being there to listen can help heal the broken heart
Love is that one remedy that can make all ills depart

When you see a broken soul you  must try  to understand
That they  may not always be willing to take a helping hand
Sometimes just by being there with your heart open wide
You can  be that instrument that releases the hurts inside.

As you're starting every morning and the sun begins to rise
Resolve to be that sunlight for someone's darkened skies
And may it be your  ambition to always be that quiet light
That brings some rays of hope to those enveloped by the night

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A cold wind whispers

Beautiful layers of frost lay peacefully on the ground
A cold winter wind whispers and chills everything around
Icy figures are playing on all the plants and trees
While winter leaves an imprint on everything it sees.

"Time to rest awhile" is the theme that fills the air
The universe takes its rest and  snow falls everywhere
Beautiful blankets of white are slowly beginning to fall
Mother earth slumbers  as she is covered by it all.


Monday, December 26, 2011

Holiday Headlines?

for those who lost their lives to violence this holiday season

Early morning musings had started right away
The headlines left me speechless not knowing what to say
How is that  the holidays have people who  violently
Rob others of their happiness its so  boggling to me

Could it be the stress of keeping up with  society
That moves people to madness: to the killing spree
Is   this consumerism pushing  people to be
So Cruel and  so heartless  and murderous as can be?

What pushes the human mind to snap at such a time
When silent night and deck the halls are the popular rhyme
Shouldn't everyone be happy and their homes  full of peace
Something in that shopping spirit causes tension to  increase

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Quiet moments in the evening

Quiet moments  in the evening, when the stars are shining bright
Twinkling, sparkling, softly singing : they create  a silent night
I am  watching as the moonlight dances  across the dark nocturnal  sky
Beautiful images of the universe invite a thought from  you and I

I can hear the winter breezes as they touch upon  my face
Music seems to echo from them; leaving me in mystic grace
There's something about the winter silence, that creates a mystery
All the earth enjoys its slumber while creation hushes you and me.

Are such thoughts the thoughts of  poets or can every person hear
The whispers from the universe that  bring the Eternal one near?
Can every person hear the silence speaking out in its own way
 I believe everyone can hear it; one has only to invite it in to stay.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Stable.

O see in the stable where poor animals stay
Our Creator and Redeemer on a rough bed of hay
A child so helpless; yet, what power is His
Our God has been pleased to appear such as this.

We see his dear mother, Maria, by name
Recalling the moments when Gabriel came
How gently she lifts Him and whispers with love
My dear little child, Your Father's above.

St. Joseph's  nearby and he nods with consent
For he know Mary's virginity had never been spent
Together they   lived under virginal vow
Increasing the Mystery before us right now

Poor simple shepards are the  first to adore
Before the Babe they prostrate, His blessings implore
Unskilled and unschooled  in the rhetoric of law
Their hearts were instructed  by all that they saw

Finally three wiseman from distant lands far
Seek out the new king foretold by a star
Gold Frankincese, Myhrr: the gifts that they bring
Are appropriate offerings for a God and a king

The story goes on for we recall it each year
Yet what message does it hold for each of us here
Humility, simplicity, or is it love?
For each it will vary, as willed from above.

Friday, December 23, 2011

"The Holiday Carol"

What child is this, what child is this, the holiday carol does say
We can venture a little further this year and change it around this way
What child is this that lays to rest inside both you and me
The babe that's still inside us crying and longing to be free

Can you hear the infant sound that's   echoing  deep within
Calling us back to that innocence where all good things  begin
Back to the spirit which is so pure and unites us to the Divine
We won't have to travel too far for we are the Almighty's Shrine

Each one of us is that  Bethlehem and our lives the shining star
Our actions are the angel hosts that invite others from afar
Everyone us is that holiday carol which others want to hear
There's no  longer need for the manger scene for God is very near.

The choice

I  am here at the gate and am  ready to go inside;
Yet, there is still something that's holding me outside.
I have to let it go now, and move on toward's the light;
Many are the demons that would hold me to the night.

I am making every effort to shake away the hold
That memories from the past use to keep things old.
Only through releasing,  what keeps  me in captivity,
Can  I begin to appreciate what's liberating for  me.

The light is  very near me yet great is the other side
So I struggle for what is good and from the evil hide
I have to make a choice and only one way will  be right
Do I choose to live in freedom or do I continue in the night?

in video below :

Allah: God
Yarab: True God
alhamdulillah: Praise be to God

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Light uncovers all concealed

Quiet moments of self revelation the soul is calm and still
Frozen by the silence of surrender which is overtaking the will
Stripped away are all the layers exposed: that which is deep within
No longer stuck inside the hiding; the healing can finally   begin.

What was once a cause for trembling now becomes the soul's true light
That which once held the spirit  captive is that which sends it off in flight
Everything that was once a mystery to one's spirit is  being revealed
Nothing hidden stays so forever the light uncovers all  concealed.

So it is  we're going forward while doubts inside us drop away
What once held us from becoming  is now the herald of  the day
Only the one who has learned to ponder will find this path deep inside
Once the soul begins to self discover there is no longer need to hide.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Trauma and the holidays

So I am hiding from the internet during the  holiday
It's a place of many triggers with darkness along the way
I know that my fragility does not allow for  me to be
As careless as I have been; I have to take care of me

Things that  spark bad memories are not so  good to see
They shoud be quickly discarded; with no more access or entry
Healing during the holidays requires some diligence
And triggers should be avoided; making perfect sense

If you have had some trauma and are a little bit like me
Holidays can be challenging and triggering as can be
You must make some effort: have some safeties   in place
And do  not allow past demons to enter into your space.


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A little bird was singing outside

today as I sat working a little bird was singing outside
her melody warmed my heart and calmed me deep inside
she sang so sweetly her phrases and whistled so very clear
it was like the angels had sent her i felt like heaven was near

 as she sang  I pondered and went to my safe place   inside
immersed myself in some silence and sent the toxins outside
For a moment or two I let go of all the burdnes in my mind
So that I could free myself for graces  I was so needing to find.

when the time of listening was over and daylight near an end
I bid farewell to the singer my sweet melodious friend
she went out to find her night rest and I  to what i had to do
But the memory of those moments I'm now  sharing with you.

Making Peace

You are you and I am me
So let us  live in harmony
If we allow each other space
The world will be a better place

What I may like, you may not
I shouldnt be seeking what you got
Each one of us can indeed
Be the help the other may need.

Working together side by side
Will give to us some healthy pride
Instead of bickering round and round
Let respect among us be easily found

Put away the meanness and  spite
Resolve to settle instead of fight
Tis the season of love and peace
Let every grudge find sweet release

Monday, December 19, 2011

For all who will be alone this holiday

For all who will be alone this holiday or who may be a little sad
Know that there are some angelic beings just waiting to make you glad
Though hidden from our mortal gaze they pass through darkened skies
And carry within them rays of hope to shine on tear-filled eyes.

No matter what burden you may have; no matter how hard the day
If you'll listen to the spirit within; you can hear the angels say
"You're  never ever alone dear one, spirit guides are watching  you
You have only to call in trust and love , we'll help you make it through"

Think of happy thoughts inside think of how strong you really   are
Think of all the things you've done and how you've come so far.
You really are a beautiful soul and though you're  wounded sore
This holiday just might bring you hope if you open your inner door.

Commercial Christmas is Everywhere

Glittering lights of many colors; people racing and running  here and there
Pushing, grabbing,  spending and buying:  commercial christmas is everywhere
Oh how  fun it is to buy and spend: where would we be without the  credit card?
But when the rush has ended and gifts are opened:  financially we're  all scarred!

What is it about the commercialism  that convinces us we need more and more?
We come with our lists of musthaves and wants; but,  we leave with the whole store.
Those who market are the professionals; who  know how to get inside the mind
We are brainwashed into believing what christmas is; and leave the "Baby" behind.

The mixing up of the old  christmas hymns with  holiday madness and stampede
Is all a tactic to create a sense of divine: making our shopping a spiritual need.
Someday we'll all wake up to all of this and decide that the  madness has gone too far
And join the wiseman and the shepards as they follow the Christmas star.


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Why are we stuck on differences?

I hear in my heart a melody
a song for this very day
It echoes within my being
and thus i am moved to say

Why is it we're stuck on differences
and why can't we get along
Why is we find such much happiness:
pointing out another's wrong?

We can make this a better world
if we are willing to try
To work together with one another
even if we don't see eye to eye.

It's not about what "they've done wrong"
but rather on what we can do right
Let's resolve to change our vision
and see everyone in God's light

(reprinted from one of my other blogs)

Back to New Jersey

 I was so very afraid yet I had to go
You would be with me you told me so
The journey was frightening as it could be
But you held your hand out to steady me

Each step of the way I knew you were there
though I couldn't see you I could feel your care
Without your promise I could'nt proceed
Your words and support were all I would need

So I went to that place I feared, once again
While carrying your support deep down within
Whenever I was frightened I remembered to call
You kept your promise, helping me through all

I am writing to thank you my therapist most dear
You have helped immensely through a great fear
Without you I could not  have made it through
So I am writing this to poem and thanking you

With much love:


In the darkest time of my life

(dedicated to my therapist and all "angels" with much love)

In the darkest time of my life there came  a wondrous light
That led me to a new path that was so wholesome and so right
That light was a someone reaching out with  welcoming hand
And with true kindness and love began helping me to understand

Little by little leading me:  with greatest patience and  technique
My  angel is pointing out patterns and teaching me to speak
Taking me from where I am  while  respecting my own  pace
My guardian from God is helping me to grow in all grace

Without  accepting who I am my angel wont ever  be able to lead
So I must be humble in admitting what I'm still lacking and need
I invite all you who are reading to look deep down  inside
And seek for that special someone who is both light and a guide

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Finding a guide

Its not always easy knowing what is the right thing to do
So many people are so ready to be a guide and helper to you
But little  by little you discover:  who's trustworthy and  who's true
Ultimately the final decision is going to be  completely up to you

But if you can't see behind the pretenses or understand the game
There'll  be those who'll  bring you  confusion and also bring you shame
Therefore it's so very important that you find a truthful guide
Who'll  help you learn discernment and also help you learn to decide

Friday, December 16, 2011

Childhood secrets

I was just a child carrying around the secrets in my heart
No one could know what kind of hurt was tearing me apart
So much pain and brokenness inside I carrried all around
People looked at me never knowing the terrors I had found

Hits and hurts were a daily occurance that happened to me
I went to school and was afraid that someone might be able see
All the shame and sorrow I tried to keep hidden deep  down inside
I looked in the mirror and hoped nothing was showing on the outside

Little children don't know why their parents choose to hurt them so
They only know  pain and fear follow them where ever they go
Broken at home these children will always fear  stranger's hand
Why is it   so many adults hurt children; please help me understand

Thursday, December 15, 2011

You're not my friend

Tiny teardrops on my cheek:  my heart opens up its door
Feelings of confusion and surprise are now falling on the floor
Why is it those you trust so much can lead you so astray
I'm splashing through the puddles of tears as I walk away.

See the moisture on my face and hear my beating heart
The words you threw at me today have broken me apart
Are you so very insensitive that you fail to see the tears
Every thing you have said today has awakened inner fears.

Please don't tell me you're my friend while cursing all the while
Surely there's no sweetness found  in words so vulgar and   vile
If you want to be my friend : don't expect me to entertain
The company of uncensored words that leave me in so much  pain.

Winter paints a portrait

The golden sun reaches out across the  winter breeze
It gives a gentle warming touch to everything it sees
Though the chill of winter freezes everything in sight
The universe is warmed beneath the morning star so bright.

Frosty figures dance across the early morning sill
While icycles hang in silence: so motionless and still
Barren trees are icing over with a sparkling glaze
While winter paints a portrait for the Creator of all days.

So much beauty is around us in this winter wonderland
That if we ponder it in our heart we'll come to understand
That mother nature blesses us with the seasons of the year
And if we listen deeply we'll hear all her words most dear.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The blessings of winter..

Tiny sprinkles of ice color the ground with frosty display
While cool crisp air forms white puffs with every word we say
Little signs of winter tell us the cold season is in place
While snowy blankets cover the earth with their icy grace

Skies are darkened gray but the earth is sparkling white
The cold of winter freezes all that's  visible in our sight
Coughs and colds are numerous and appearing is the Flu
Winter has its challenges just awaiting me and you .

Though the coldness of winter may tempt us to be blue
Equal amounts of beauty continue to shine right through
Every season has it good points and its bad points too
I wonder how many winter blessings will come to me and you?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tears are just another way of letting go

It's okay to cry, to let all the those many  tear drops fall
They help us speak when words wont come out at all
Sometimes we need to let those cleansing waters flow
Tears reveal to others the hurts that our hearts must know

Some may say that crying is never a good thing to do
But tears show so purely all that we're going through
Let them fall out and do not try to hold back those tears
They contain all the stories we held in for so many years

Crying is not bad; it's something so natural for you and me
It releases tension and calms whatever shakes us violently
If you want to cry please don't ever be ashamed to do so
Tears are just another way of saying  "I'm letting go"

Monday, December 12, 2011

What kind of flower are you?

In the meadow there are flowers of many colors and many sizes
Each one is so very pretty and as a gift each one   suffices
No two flowers are the same yet when together in a display
Each one complements the other; together they make the bouquet.

 Like the flowers we are so different;  in color and sizes we all  vary
Together we can do great things or alone be   revolutionary
Like the flowers who speak so little; yet accomplish so many things
We can inspire the words that come from every heart that ever sings

What kind of flower are you will you; brighten somebody's day
Will you quietly wave from a distance or touch all who pass  your way?
Will you be more vocal in what you do or be more silent in how you give
What kind of flower are you;  how will you choose to live?

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sometimes we are so weary

Sometimes we are so weary from all that has taken place
We need some quiet moments..we need refreshing grace
Every ounce of strength has dwindled we feel so very weak
We need to go within our being for the energy that we seek

Long days have completely drained us, we feel we cannot see
An end to all the nonsense, it continues so endlessly
Yet we keep on trying  and though we're ready to let go
Something inside us keeps whispering "soon all wisdom will show"

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Night holds her beauty

Birds in the window chirping away
Softly their melody sends out the day
Dark is the herald that carries the night
Gentle the glow as the moon shares her light

Quietly emerging the nocturnal sigh
Encourages the night owl's hushed lullaby
Creatures of  evening scavenge the ground
Darkness descends on everything around.

Night holds her beauty as much as the day
We don't have to look far to see her display
The stars  in the sky and the moon all aglow
Continue to remind how God loves us so.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Today will you do me this favor?

Today will you ask all the angels from the heavens above
To be with me and to protect me with their guiding love
They are my dearest friends and  they are with me every day
Remind them  that I am needing them, in a very special way

Not too often will I ask collectively something from  my friends
But my spirit is really needing this;  on it  my courage depends
Please unite together, then, in  asking   the angel band
To be close to me and make things clear so I will understand.

You are all so very  dear to me;  I'll  return this favor for you
I will ask all the Heavens above to bless all you say and do
We're all  needing the help sometimes from the angels  above
They keep us safe and remind us always how to walk in love.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Don't let the beauty escape you

Listen to the universe, she will speak to you
In her plants, in her trees and the rivers too
In the tiniest flower or from  the mountains tall
All creation will whisper to you or she'll loudly call.

There are many things about us we have never seen
We are way to busy working, we are  people of routine
But once we step aside from the normal busy day
We will hear the universe whisper along the way

Take a moment now to listen and be free
Hear the gentle sounds and see what you can see
Perhaps you'll hear a bird or see the bright blue sky
Don't let the beauty escape you or keep on passing by

Monday, December 5, 2011

Tis the Season to be Jolly?

Looking for happiness that will last for all time?
Seeking for peace that will inspire a rhyme?
Stop running for the glittery and glorious outside
You will find all you are looking for deep down inside.

Tis the season to be joilly the old lyrics they say
But how can you be happy with money dwindling away
Its christmas time in the city but how will it start
To become christmas with a meaning inside of our heart

We're running to  the malls like people of routine
We buy and we buy, is this what its suppose to mean
What happened to silent night and the Babe in the manger
We become friends of the bargain and to the Baby a stranger

Wouldn't it be truly  something if some coming year
We could capture why christmas is suppose to be dear
And stop running for garland and lights all aglow
And take time to know the creator who still loves us so

Sunday, December 4, 2011

In the moments of not knowing

In the moments of not knowing we surrender and are still
Before the wisdom of the universe and revelation of God's Will.
So we go from what's familiar to places unknown
We tremble before the mystery thats becoming our  own..

We're called beyond our safety unto places insecure
We wonder in our weakness and feel that we're not sure
No questioning is invited we have to let all go
The wisdom and the timing is beginning to show.

Calling on the angels we proceed with greatest care
We trust they are with us though we can't see them anywhere
Before the stranger we will tremble but trust the Spirit to say
Everything that's needed and appropriate for the day

Be kind

Remember that kindness is the best gift  you can  give
It is appropriate at any time no matter where you   live
Reaching out to the hurting soul with the greatest tenderness
Can help them rise above the hurt and give them  peacefulness

Be careful of passing judgement on someone else you may see
Because you can  never be certain that you know  the whole story
Better to practice restraint when judging what may   appear
Than look the fool when the whole truth is finally made clear.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Great wealth

Softly the snow falls to cover the quiet land;
Beauty awakens and invites us to understand.
The wisdom of the universe speaks to us all:
A white blanket appears: we hear the earth call

Not with our ears do we hear the universe say
Things  that would instruct us along life's way.
But with the ears of our heart, we are able to hear:
The voice of creation so simple, so clear.

All the writings in books and  speeches we hear,
Are but shadows of the wealth we have so very near.
In the trees and the plants, in creatures everywhere
The wisdom of the Eternal  is always ours to share.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Take time

Take some  time to listen to what another has to say
Because listening shows you care in a very special way
Take time to be a friend to someone who needs some care
More important than a gift is knowing that  someone's there.

Take time to understand, when things are not just right
If we act without thinking clearly, than everyone's uptight
Take time to lend a hand when someone's  in great need
Never has it been known that God  forgets a good deed.

 Take time to quiet down and back away from all routine
For pondering in the silence shows us things unseen
Take time to be truly grateful for everything  in  our sight
Gratitude inspires the heart and keeps us in the Light

Thursday, December 1, 2011

little things

its the little things in life that will make a beautiful day
a tender smile, a kindly word, a hug along the way
sometimes we miss the beautiful while  looking for the grand
If  we could appreciate the little things then we'd understand

When we open our curtains there is always a stretch of sky
theres also trees and plants around just to please our eye
The sun is always shining though sometimes we can't see
without all these little things where  would our world be?

 we don't need a great big sign to tell others what we do
its enough to love alot and be kind our whole life through
all the money in the world wont make us sparkle more
but if we have a loving heart we can open up any door.

Hope for the little one

Little one what is it you are carrying  in your heart
Why are you  feeling  so hurt and   torn apart
Tell me why your eyes are releasing so many tears
Know that the angels are with you in your fears

Little one there will be  relief for you some day
All the  terrors that frighten you will soon go away
Take comfort in the knowledge that God is near
And soon  you will be knowing  freedom from your fear

Little one you don't have to carry all that pain alone
You don't have to keep bearing those hurts on  your own
There are those who are willing  to give some help to you
Don't be afraid to tell what you are going through.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The frailness of humanity

We are all imperfect beings trying our very best
Sometimes we fail to do right this we can all attest
Yet oftentimes we forget the frailness of humanity
And whenever we are slighted its difficult as can be

First we think it over; then we roll it around inside
Then we  phone our friends who take it then outside
Before you know it, the problem that once was very small
Becomes a mountain of confusion seen by one and all.

So it would be so much better when people disagree
To keep the problem inside and not let everybody see
IF there's need for  intervention then find it quietly
Because so often our problems   increase with publicity

Behind the clouds

Behind the clouds that are darkening our morning sky
Is a sun that continues to shine: warming both you and I
Though the thunder claps and frightens us deep within
The storms are passing and soon  it will be sunny again

The rain pours down, the skies are an ominous gray
There's not  much to do but watch things from inside today
Lightning strikes,  winds are blowing things here and there
The universe is hosting  this marvellous display with care

Storms are difficult but they  will not be a forever thing
They come and go just as does almost  everything
We need to remember that behind every rainy day
Is a beautiful rainbow with its glowig colors on display

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

For just a little while

Soon I will go away for just a little while
I'll think of all of you and it'll  help me smile
Things that must be done will finally  be done
Memories come to  mind like an old fashion rerun

Taking measured breaths for it scares me deep inside
Can't chase away the fears; though I've truly tried
So I'm letting out my  feelings without    delay
Hoping as I go forward they'll slowly fade away

If there was a reason that I should have to go
God has not yet told me; though I want to know
Because I'm not able to  understand  mystery
I surrender to  God's will though  difficult it be.

Like Flowers in the Field

Like flowers in the field we bloom for all to see
We come in different colors and are unique as we can be
Everyone displaying  beauty from within
Like flowers in the field we reach out to Heaven.

Like flowers in the field we can bring forth a smile
We can awaken feelings of  hope in such a little while
Without a single word flowers permeate  the air
Like flowers in the field we can show we really care.

Like the flowers in the field: as quiet as can be:
We can accomplish good without much publicity
We don't need  applause for good deeds to be done
Like flowers in the field we blossom beneath the Sun.

Monday, November 28, 2011

To my abuser

To my abuser

Because I was weak you overpowered me with you hatefulness
You took advantage of me and broke me inside my littleness
You got to know me only so you could abuse me in my weakness
You confused me with your language so i fell for all your foolishness.

You wouldnt attack another who was a stranger to brokenness
But rather  you chose a broken one to subject to your untruthfulness
Your lured me with promises and I believed  all that false  kindness
You claimed your victory because I was a victim of my own blindness

You took control of me because i trusted you with  my confidence
And then you  threatened me if I didnt surrender to you in obedience
Now I am trembling because I must face once more your evilness
But I'm no longer your victim but a little light before  your darkness

Everything as God Wills

The night disappears  as morning starts to rise
A beautiful golden sun illuminates the skies
White fluffy clouds are quietly floating  by
The universe awakens and lets out a sigh.

Little winter birds sing with the break of day
A cool winter breeze whispers along the way
All creation rouses and  invites you and me
To ponder all the wonders everyone can see

Not a moment passes   that God doesnt give
Everything is ordered so we can fully live
All the good and the bad, the sunshine and the rain
Everything happens so God's Will can  remain.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Winter beauty

Tiny glimpses of winter has started to gently show
Leaves have already fallen, frost makes the trees  glow
Beautiful shavings of ice are sprinkled here and there
Winter wind is whispering  chilling the  atmosphere

Gloves and hats are pulled out and winter coats too
Children struggle with their boots getting ready for school
Whitened roads seem forever; while  all are on their way
To the place of their employment, to school or to play

Watch the snowflakes falling how peaceful they appear
They all unite together: leaving a pure white blanket here
How refreshing it is  to gaze upon the snow covered land
It paints images in the mind that only the spirit can understand

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Opening to the Light

When you feel you have reached the end of the road
And you are trying to decide which is the better way to go
Give faith one more chance, let the light inside you direct
So you and the answers you need can finally connect.

Sometimes the way's burdensome and you feel its too much
You question inside you  "why must i go through such"
Trust in  your inner  being and know that deep  inside
Is a haven full of answers and a place for you to  hide.

It's much easier  to present  to all a face that is not ours
Then to admit to someone that were hiding some scars
Thats okay as long as we plan to confront them some day
And rid ourselves of our secrets that keep demons at bay.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Little Sparrow in the tree

Little sparrow peacefully singing from a tree outside
Your song is so very soothing, and it touches me deep inside
While the Autumn wind is cold,  and chilling me deep within;
Your beautiful melody is helping me  to warm up once again

Little sparrow doesnt the cold winds blowing ever frighten you
You sing so peacefully even though bitter winds are passing through
So much beauty is coming out in that tune so pure and clear
I cannot help but want to stay and spend my time right here.

Little sparrow sweet innocent one I love hearing you every  day
Your song carries me to my deepest self  and chases my cares away
 I wish everyone could know this peace that comes from hearing you
Your song is like the angels song : heavenly through and  through

Everything else keeps us needy

My humanity cries out from every single pore
I simply want some peace: this and nothing more
Am not running after riches or any worldly fame
I'm not seeking some new title or important name

This may not seem so normal for the worldly mind
But the trail of worldly riches is NOT  what I want to find
Leave that for someone else; for  it will never satisfy
The soul's inner most longing: which governs you and I

Stop a moment to  question why is it we buy and buy
If anything of this world could ever prove to satisfy
Nothing we're running after has ever filled that need
We continue to seek more  and more:  driven by our greed

The only thing that'll complete us, keep us from that store
Is that which quenches the spirit:  that and nothing more
Everything else keeps  us needy and fails to satisfy
That which will is really important dwells within  you and I

Thursday, November 24, 2011

In the darkness of night

The darkness of night takes over as the day fades away
Sparkling stars are busy creating quite a beautiful display
Creatures of the night are crawling about the barren groud
Autumn winds whisper softly touching all around.

Softly glowing in the sky the moon mirrors the solar light
While nocturnal animals sing about the silence of the night
Quiet moments calm the mind that is readying for nightly sleep
Angelic beings hover around with songs that touch so deep


Autumns lullaby

There's a silence lingering aroud today
The clouds that gather all wear gray
Somber notes are rising from the trees
Cold winds send out the remaining bees

The sun that shines does not appear
A chilly cool invades the atmosphere
Winter is knocking at the doors of Fall
Soon a white blanket will cover it all.

Autumn is singing her long lullabye
While earth is silenced beneath her sky
Everything slumbers, all life is still
Time to hush beneath   God's will

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Good night

Good night my dearest  friends sleep well on this night
May angels watch over you untill the morning light
When you close your eyes may you quickly sleep
And may your dreams carry you to a peace you can keep.

From darkness to light

Because the night has been too long God gave us this new day
The darkness has now vanished  and clouds have passed away
Theres so much beauty arising  from the seed   so crushed  below
The storms  have given it a strength that'll help the plant to grow.

Pushing forth its little self  from the  darkness  below the ground
The seedling rejoices in the sunlight and the  new hope that's found
It doesn't call back those memories of the dark and dreary hour
When coldness and uncertainty robbed it of any hope or power.

Now the seedling is blooming bright and the stems are firm and strong
From looking at its beautiful glow one cannot know it had suffered long
For the flower that was  a broken seed crushed below the  ground
Shows nothing of it's pitiful state now that the  Light is around

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I am only human

If you can't say words to help me don't say anything at all
If you don't have  words to uplift me please don't let me fall
I am  fragile and  I'm broken and needing some gentle care
If you haven't come to help me why are you standing there.

Today was quite the stormy one thunder was all around
My soul was so very jumpy and frightened by every sound
Everything seem to startle me it was truly a flashback day
Like the rains that kept on falling, my tears wouldn't go away

So now I'm in here rambling  and not making any sense
My nerve are completely frazzled and I'm feeling kinda tense.
How  did I end up so  tangled and became such a  mess
I don't think that I will tell you; but you are certainly free to guess.

Raindrops Falling

Raindrops falling softly calling whispering secrets from above
They are telling and foretelling coming graces filled with love
Pitter patter hear them splatter beautiful sounding drops of rain
Like the teardrops that keep falling they release the inner pain.

Listen deeply to that melody falling from those skies so gray
Hope is echoing from those droplets healing waters come today
Sweet the feeling deep inside me when the rain sounds all around
Oh how soothing and how moving the soul is lost in mytic sound

Monday, November 21, 2011

A Weeping Willow Whispers

Rest here beneath my branches, for just a little while
Let me see for a short moment the beauty of your smile
I will let you stay here resting as long as you're needing to
You can listen to the wind whispering as it's passing through

You're weeping and you're shaking your tears are like the rain
The universe is gently catching all those droplets full of pain
Close your eyes and try forgetting them;  all those painful things
All creation will quietly sing to you;  inhale the beauty that all this brings.

Finding the beauty of winter

The cold winds are blowing and whispering to my mind
Icy weather has beauty: "seek and you shall find".
There are some crystal blankets covering the infant day
They telll me winter's coming; the fall will pass away.

Geese are flying southward and honking out good-bye's
Heavy winter clouds   invade the morning skies
Everything  around me sparkles with  icy  chill
Yes winter has it's beauty you can find it if you will..

The leaves no longer fall and the earth is calm and still
Icy air sneaks in and touches   heart and will
Silence becomes more friendly and invites us all to see
The beauty that is  hidden inside  winter's tapestry

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Why are there some who feel this way?

Have you ever had the heartache of  being quickly pushed aside
After having been invited somewhere, have you ever been kept outside
Do you know what its like to live as one marginalized from the rest
Tell me how it feels being ridiculed despite doing your very best?

There are people who know these feelings;  who suffer them every day
They are accused of  being different and not living the acceptable way
But really they're not so different but only live differently then some would
How wonderful this world would be if everyone loved everyone as they should


 I want to be much stronger and not demonstrate any fear
But that would not be me then; but someone else acting here
I can't pretend to be something that  I'm not deep down inside
The  fact that I'm  going back there makes me want to run and hide.

There are some who'll tell me: "no worries,  its not like it was before"
But in my memory bank, the reruns playing,  hurt me even more
 I'm trying to replace these memories each time that they arise
But I can't succeed in doing so  before tears have filled my eyes.

They call it  post traumatic stress disorder or simply ptsd
Memories become like real actions occurring deep down inside of me
There are ways to fight these flashbacks each time they come back
But denying they simply arent there is like embracing fiction over fact.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Going where I rather not go...

The anticipation of "the trip" is weighing heavily on me
And am reliving again and again that painful memory
I wish it would disappear without  having to go  back there
Help me dearest angels   flashbacks are  everywhere

Why must i go back there. to that place so challenging
Go back where i was hurt and  lost almost everything
WHat good will be accomplished. what will my presence do
Ah the terrible nightmares it has caused me to go through

If by going there things can finally come to some conclusion
Then I must accept what must be and hope for a good solution
I don't want to relive again all that trauma that happened there
But I will  do so one more time then leave all in God's loving care.


 There's beauty in this brokenness there is so much  hope everywhere
I may be struggling and may be hurting but I wont give into  despair
I know that beyond  this nonsense beyond what I can ever see
Is  a new life gently forming'and it's becoming part of me.

I have a teacher and a guardian: a therapist helping me
She's kindly and gentle but also firm when she needs to be.
What a  wonderful blessing having someone help me to see
I must be humble and open as the spirit works between her and me

If you're struggling or worried and can't see hope anywhere
Take tirme to search out someone who can help  with gentle care
It's not  a bad thing to reach out for some help in therapy
If you're willing and open you'll find someone, watch and see.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Just because you can doesn't mean you should

Just because you can do something doesn't mean it should be done
Hurting another's feelings should never be seen as  fun
Yet there are those who are heartless in what they chose to do
"Anything goes" is their motto; even if it means stepping on you.

Sometimes we forget another's feelings, when  pursuing what is ours
We forget that our words can be hurtful, and even cause someone scars
We need to consider one another, as we go throughout the day
And ask ourselves if something we're doing is hurtful in any way

We talk about  rights and feelings but everyone should have these
It's not just about our own little world but what everyone together sees.
We cannot keep on going like we are the only ones on this earth
We are all children of the universe: brothers and sisters since our birth

When words fail

I'm trying  to find the words for my feelings deep inside
But the attempt has proven futile; every effort is denied
So I must be humbly  silent and accept this emptiness
As an invitation to silence and some peaceful rest.

When my words are failing and I cannot form a rhyme
I must silence my attempts and take some quiet time
Immersed inside  the providence of this empty space
I await the quiet wisdom that the unverse has in place.

Sometimes when I am silenced;  I must allow it to be
I mustn't try to find out what wisdom won't have me see
So I  surrender  to the moment of complete helplessness
While the soul contents itself inside the universal silence

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Too Afraid to Cry

The tears are falling slowly from her little face
She's holding onto secrets she can't ever erase
A sorrowful litte child too afraid to cry
Is standing by herself and no one questions why

Her arms tell the stories that will make you weep
Her bruises reveal the hurt that she's forced to keep
So use to being abused, she's silent and so still
What a poor little child with bruised and broken will

How many other chidren are victims of such a fate
And carry little secrets that are discovered too late
Little ones who are innocent and beautiful as can be
Why is it they must  suffer so much inhumane cruelty

To the Compass inside you take heed

When the darkness surrounds you and you don't know where to go
When the sunlight is hidden and your day is going  slow
Turn to the Light that's inside you and you'll find the strength  you need
To go forward, even if crawling;  to the Compass inside you take heed.'

When your friends are all leaving and it seems there's no one to care
When the troubles are mounting and disappointement is every where
Turn to the Light that's inside you and you'll find the strength  you need
To go  forward, even if crawling;  to the Compass inside you take heed.

When the daylight is ending and you cannot seem to  rest
When your efforts go unnoticed and you fail while  doing your best
Turn to the LIght that's inside you  and you'll find the strength  you need
To go  forward, even if crawling; to the Compass inside you take heed.

When you life is at its ending and you are readying for your death
When you breathing is labored and you nearing your last breath
Turn to the Light that's inside you and you'll find the strength  you need
To go forward, even if crawling; to the Compass inside you take heed.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Struggle

Have you ever just wanted to back away and  let yourself be still
Let the world keep on turning and everyone do what they will
Have you ever just wanted to listen and appreciate the sound
Of every creature and every plant,  every living thing around?

What do you do with such moments, when you soul is seeking rest?
Do you go out seeking  solitude and make silence your only guest?
How do you handle the struggle that is taking place inside,
When part of you is wanting quiet and the other the world outside?

Truly each  of us has  this experience, at one time or another:
Being invited by two different spirits, each one opposing the other.
Would be so wonderful to give equal  time:  to doing and being still
For then we could  have perfect peace of mind and serenity of will.

Making room for

Everything is quiet aroud me and nothing is making noise
Even deep down inside me; there's  not even a  tiny voice
Perhaps its one of those moments , when silence is truly free
It's a time for self discovery and  time for discovering me

Usually when things are noisy and I am  busy all around
I'm not able  to hear my  soul whisper or any other sound
It's good to take some moments and accept the  quiet time
If I'm  to notice what's broken  or hear the poetic rhyme.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Therapy Homework

I'm working on some homework as part of therapy
Digging down inside my heart  to see what I can see.
There's lots of things to sort through; its getting pretty deep
I trust my T will be helping me decide what I should keep

Its quite a task to be plowing through the stuff from yesterday
It sure would be a whole lot easier to keep it packed away
But in therapy we come to know the reasons for what we do
And so we're  pulling  out everything  we hadnt paid attention to

As I'm pulling out more kleenex and trying to dry my tears
I am answering  alot of questions about the earlier years
And seems the more i'm thinking the more the tears they fall
 By time i finish my homework I won't have any kleenex at all.

Hushing us all...

The Morning awakens quietly  and brings with it so much beauty
The Golden rays of sunshine are nowhere  around to warm me
But  I will content myself with the sound of the soothing rain that's falling
Quieting all my senses so I can hear every raindrop that's calling

The Autumn season splashes in with colors of red and gold
And leaves fall from their parenting trees whenever they are told
Somber tones of the winter hum in the background of the Fall
The earth is entering a  quiet sleep  the  universe hushes us all

Today as we are buzzing around and waiting for the day to begin
Perhaps we can quiet ourselves enough to let the universe in
And as we're quieting ourselves inside perhaps we can try  to hear
Every sound and whisper that's coming from the universe so dear.

Monday, November 14, 2011

A quiet place to hide

Taking time to wind down and rest my weary mind
I'm going to my quiet place to see what I can find
Flowers and meadows and butterflies, all for me to see
Resting in such memories, helps   create tranquility

I ponder in my special place, so  very deep inside
All the secret mysteries which can't be seen  outside
There inside my being I contemplate the ways
The universe creates for us all our nights and days.

When we find  we are weary and broken up inside
We always have awaiting us a quiet place to hide
There we'll find a resting place and experience peace
There the spirit will speak to us making worries cease

Secrets come out like the stars

The night has passed,  morning wakes.
Gentle nudges, the universe makes.
There's so much beauty in the atmosphere;
All creation is inviting us to come near.

Quiet melodies and gentle rains
Echo within us and humbly remains
A part of our memory throughout the day
Reminding us of beauty along the way

There is before us a grand display
It leaves us searchig for words to say
Infinitely wonderful this world of ours
Secrets come out like all the stars.

Without  need for words the mystery
Speaks to you and speaks to me
Whenever we venture quietly
Into the silence of  eternity

Sunday, November 13, 2011

take time

some days you want to cry and cry
you want the rain to fall from the sky
no matter  how much you try and try
tears keep falling from your eye

.slow your pace and breathe in slow
count to three and let it go
repeat until you feel release
fill your soul with gentle peace.

close your eyes quiet your mind
quiet visions you will find
think only what is good for you
do ony that which is good to do.

A Voice for the little ones

Our dearest little ones with bright eyes and trusting heart
Should never  be abused or ever be broken apart
Nor should these little ones in whom angels take delight
Know the pain and suffering that so often is their plight

Yet in this world of campaigning;  protesting this or that
I wonder about the little ones;  where are their voices at?
Who will hold their signs up and protest what is wrongly done
Child abuse is never ending and the battle is never won.

We're  in need of a revolution, one that will stir the world inside
Making us more attentive to every child that has ever cried.
This world is run by people who speak boastfully of what they've done
But how many can say they've protected the rights of the little one?

Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Years are passing.

I'm coming to the end of the day doused in my own tears
I have passed my day in quiet, thinking over the passing years
My life is passing so  quickly and the days are slipping away
I don't ever want to waste a single moment  of any single day.

I was calling to mind my childhood and the other years
And also recalling how long it took to finally let out  tears
So many things were before me today and so am writing late
Now am preparing within my heart to quietly meditate.

I'm So Human ( for anyone who has felt this way)

I am so human please excuse me if I ever err
I still need your compassion and your loving care
Perhaps I'm failing and don't do things perfectly
Does that give  license for others to  ostricize me

I am so human I failed in what I should do today
Does that mean I deserve some mistreatment in any way
I didn't want to do what was so imperfectly done
Yet I am being condemned now by almost everyone

I am so human perhaps you can overlook this in me
I know I don't do things as others think they should be
But I'm trying with all the imperfections that you see
Doesn't that merit some sort of care and sympathy?

Friday, November 11, 2011

Doing what's right

Oh what a day it has been there's so much to be thinking of
I'm wondering, as so many have,  where in the world is love
Why is it so  hard to be senstive when we're  talking to one another
Why must our way be the only way when arguing with the other

 If we would be more loving and kind we must learn to compromise
Everyone giving up a bit of themselves to make the conversation nice.
And if  we would do all that we could be doing  in  every situation
We would never have need to excuse ourselves when faced with accusation

The world is full of crazy ways : creating rules  that never make sense
But we don't  have to follow the crowd into those  moments most tense
Sometimes we must be couragesous enough to  say I'm not taking part
And then let others think whatever they may while maintaining our peace of heart.

I'm just me

I'm not looking for a million bucks or a brand new car
I'm not seeking for sympathy or to become a star
I'm simply wanting to live my life being what I should be
Doing all that is mine to do and avoiding duplicity

Some may run after pots of gold and others after fame
Some may want their fancy cars and  a glowing name
I'm only seeking a simple life where love is all around
My happiness doesn't depend on the bank book's sound

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Here for others

I cannot look on pain and not feel it my heart
I cannot watch you weep and not be torn apart
Every broken person that comes in front of me
Becomes the special guest of my empathy

I'm not a stone that's unable to feel any pain
If I become  saddened my tears will fall like rain
I'm completely human and want for you to see
I cannot stay silent before another's misery..

If you find you're hurting, if your heart is sore.
You only have to reach out to  find an open door
I'm only an email away and I'll respond to you
I'll be your friend wrirting when you need me to

Business as usual?

The cool air of autumn is slowly settling in
While the new day is starting and challenges begin
The sun is shining brightly the sky is bright and blue
What a wonderful work of art is looking out at you

We're so very busy, we never stop and pause
We run here and there and  hurry  without cause
Trying to keep a pace that the world seems to set
The important thing of life we overlook and forget.

If for  just one day we could stop and rearrange
The schedule that we keep and make a little change
Allowing for some moments of gentle calming peace
Perhaps we would find our production would increase.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Trying to Understand

Tears are falling from my eyes
Like gentle rain from darkened skies
Sometimes love  is not understood
There's a price to pay for doing good

The road less travelled is the one for me
But  it wont win me   popularity
Crowded  the road that many will take
 Walking alone is not  a mistake.

Taking a deep breath, I quietly cry
Trying to reason I  question why
Love is not meant to be just for sum
but love is meant   for everyone.


There are times when you'll feel alone, like no one understands you
You'll be surrounded by so many people, yet feel alone in what you must do
This is when you must dig deep and hold on to what really defines you
Remembering that you can never be anything but what is really true

Sometimes you will have to take a stand which no one else will take
Sometimes you will have to speak the words that make the comfortable shake
Whatever the moment you find yourself in,  remember that deep inside
You will always  have what ever you need to confront the world outside.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Night In The Desert

You're in the middle of a desert and it’s so dark outside
You're finding it hard  to see and it’s also hard to hide
Unfamiliar creatures are romping and jumping all around
The desert leaves you lonely; no one familiar can be  found

You call out for someone to hear you but there’s no one to hear
You’re alone with all your emotions and overtaken by your fear
The desert calls your name out; but you don’t know where to go
You follow the light within you but you’re crawling very  slow.

You’re bumping into things that you didn’t know were there
You feeling around the darkness; the unknown is everywhere
You’re longing for the daylight: the darkness blinds your will
You’re enveloped by the nothingness that keeps your spirit still.

The storm has passed

The storm has passed and now I'm free
To look at all that has happened to me
Sorting through  the inner debris
I'm left to ponder this  mystery

Last night  was rough as it could be
I was held captive by my memory
There was nothing I could do or say
To make the storm clouds go  away

So  my pillow was soaked with tears
That sought release over the  years
I could only whisper "let it be"
Tears poured out and covered me.

Now the morning  has brought the sun
And I  see clearly what the storm has done
I gained courage while drenched in rain
Saw the victory emmerge from  pain.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Needing an angel

Tonight is one of those nights, when my nerves are very raw.
My insides are   shaken up and  memories return to gnaw.
I'm  trying to free myself from these feelings deep inside;
The closer I come to that  date the more I want to  hide.

I know I must change my focus to turn my thoughts around;
But the fears are so overpowering no quiet place can be found
I'm feeling so very helpless, like an earthquake is underway:
Everything I want to  hold on to is slowly slipping away.

My heart is racing inside me, pain joins the panic inside.
I'm finding it hard to breathe with worries from every side.
I know I will make it through this; but this is surely a night
When the elements will have their way I wont put up a fight

Freedom to choose

There is always a reason to celebrate a reason to rejoice
No matter what your circumstance you always have a choice
You can choose to look for the gold or be content to keep the dud
You can stand up against   the odds  or crawl around in the mud.

The choice is always yours; you will  always have the right
You can choose to walk in the darkness or opt to walk in the light
No matter what others may say;  no matter what they may do:
What you choose to do with your life is  totally  up to you.

So what direction will you be taking,  where will you choose to go?
Will you continue following  the crowd or opt to go solo?
This is your  time for victory  a time to conquer your fear
That you can make a decision  is why we're  celebrating here.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

By the lakeside

 I am going to the lakeside, the waters they are clear
THe stars outside are shining, some crickets I can hear
Peaceful waves are rolling in there is a gentle breeze
How beautiful the moonlight when  shining through the trees

A splash of water hits me a bullfrog takes a swim
Fish are jumping playfully while seagulls dive and skim
What a wonderful setting for a meditation to begin
There's so much grace and  beauty; I'm taking it all in.

Can you hear inside you some peaceful  memory
Are there times and places you'd much rather be
Meditation can lead you to those times most dear
Let your spirit guide you; step beyond the here.