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Monday, February 20, 2017

Morning is calling..........

Morning is calling and the night shadows leave us
The dawn, she's displaying: all  her colors so glorious
Quietness is overtaken by the sounds of the   breeze
Who's making her noises through the branches on the trees

Golden is the aura of the early morning sunrise
Softly it's overflowing  and  beautifying our skies
Touching  the elements,  the plantlets and the trees
Radiant is the color that the early riser sees...

Subtly the Spirit is whispering to the sleeper
Rise up and see it what is found out by the seeker
Beauty and awesomeness and  Divinity overflowing
Wake up and see it; for  the day is already glowing..

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Love them all...

The sign that I  would want to hold up and the protest that I would want to lead
Is the one saying \we should love "everybody" and help "everyone in need"
It isn't just about one specific group or about one specific crowd or creed
What about your ailing brothers and sisters..your neighbors  who also plead?

Some spend so much time on the yapping about the foreigner and the immigrant
Yet never notice their own  sister or  brother or their fellow americans:   get the hint
There is that right to own a home;  to have shelter and to have some food
But this right should be for everybody;  and not just those  stomping on the hood

Why is it we will rant and fuss;  and rage over the process of being free
But  never will make a whimper over the passport  we apply for and need?
We like to hoot and howl and say that everyone should have their rights;
But what about the ordinary American, who is homeless day and nights???

People are walking our streets: who were born here so true and so free
Who is holding a sign up  for them, saying: "let's feed them all : you and me?"
We have a cafeteria style of mentality; a pick and choose kind of mind
We will all help the foreigner get in here; but not the homeless man or woman we find....

There are people of our very own nation: there are widows and widowers galore
Who haven't enough money for groceries, yep,  we have our very own poor
Yet we act like we're so caring and so loving, because we let "the others" come in;
But haven't we so many  people we're neglecting  and avoiding like they are sin...?

It's not that I don't care for and love the foreigner; the immigrant who's coming in;
But want us all to start really loving everybody and everyone who is here.. "within"
Too many are the poor and the neglected, who are already here "supposedly free"
If you are  really so sincere about loving: what about loving each person you see?

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Blessed are we

Oh, the happy sound, when stillness fills the air
Singing sounds of silence, with moments soft as prayer
Oh, the happy hour, when  heart and mind are still
Wondrous feelings surface: the soul can truly feel

Oh, the happy people,who find their sacred space
Resting there for healing they emerge with inner grace
Going forth to labor, they'll wear a sacred glow
And testify to many of  One they've come to know..

Happy are all creatures; the plantlets; and the rest
For we are blessed completely by our constant Guest
Who created all the world: the universe and the stars
Blessed are we, the created, despite our wounds and scars