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Friday, March 23, 2018

A springboard for our hearts

Dancing, ever so softly, is the sunlight on my window
Its whispering "It's Morning" as it continues on with  its overflow
It is creating  its images, of beauty and of unrequited love
I see it, the Sunrise; and think: this it it:  my ride above..

The birds are all singing; for now the cold is leaving
This time, we are certain: no more of weathery deceiving..
So beautifully serenading and singing out all of their reasons
For happpines, for loveliness and for praise of all the seasons..

Tomorrow's not come, yet; but, today we have all this beauty
The loveliness of the dawn and all it gives with sense of duty
The melodies and the aromas and the secretness of the creatures
Is delightful and insightful and sparing us not, of any of its features..

Too often, yes, too often; we are so caught up in all of our commotions.
That we pass it, all of the artwork, displayed for our many emotions
Every seedling and every plantlet; all the skies  and the earth below
Are a backdrop and a springboard by which our hearts can see and know...

Thursday, March 22, 2018

The chilliness that lingers

Spring has arrived with a chill in her air
Coldness and snowflakes and coughing, she will share
It seems so unrealistic; that we wonder with awe:
Is it really now Springtime or the beginning of Fall...?

Even the creatures, who will romp here and there
Are baffled by this weather, this chillier air
Burrowing down deeper, for a bit longer each day
These inhabitants are dreaming of a warmer place to stay

The sun brings its healing and its warming array
It touches  earth gently and brightens our way..
Soothing and supplementing, the clothing we wear:
This morning star is generous, and willing to share..

Soon all this chilliness and this coldness will flee
Spring will become more present, to  you and to me
Right now it is amazing, how she has stepped back a tad:
Making her true arrival, a celebration to be had..

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Before the brightness of day...

The best time of the day, is the darkness, before dawn:
It's quiet and mysterious;  and the distractions are gone...
If you try it, you'll see it, the awesomeness coming through:
There's  a peacefulness, a calmness, a serenity: so true

You can hear it: the heartbeats; the breaths, in the air;
The crickets, the spiders; the molecules everywhere..
The beautifulness, the waking,  the dawn drawing near:
She's calling, serenading; making wonderfulness appear..

The clouds in their Heaveness and the soils down below
Are whispering the echoes of every person they know..
Their secrets, their sighingness, their joyfulness too
Every morning, before daylight: you can hear it: it's true..

So rise up one morning before the breaking of dawn
And leave off the media,  don't turn it all on
You'll hear it: the silences, the heartbeats, the all
In the breezes, the stillness, you'll hear every heart call..

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Predawn verse

I wake up before the morning to put some verse online
Moving has delayed me but everything is fine
Stars are still out there shining and sister moon, she's fair
Nothing can be more moving than these silences everywhere

There's awesomeness in the rising before the break of day
Quietness is surrounding me and it has so much to say
But I'll listen for a moment then continue on to see
What escapes me when I'm sleeping at the early hour of three..

The hamster wheel is spinning; it is their time to run
The crickets are seranading and violining everyone
The heartbeats from all around me and those that are far away
Are breaking into my auras and inviting me to  pray...

The darkness is still lingering and the creatures of the day
Are sleeping in the branches and the burrows along the way
Not a movement from the day crew but the night shift is alive
With all of the scampering and the playing and what they do to survive...

It's good to have awakened at these whee hours of the dawn
Because so much is a mystery and is carrying my mind along
Into the moments and the seconds that are colliding into the now
Can you hear it, all the silence, that is calling at you somehow?

Friday, March 16, 2018

Orange sky this morning

There is a tinge of orangeness in the morning sky today
Bright and early you can see it's beautiful in every way
Each morning has its own wonders and its beauties so divine
Today is no exception. I can't contain this heart of mine..

Like a neon light thats glowing the early dawn lights up
I ponder over all its beauty as I pour the coffee in my cup
How many times I have missed it when I didn't look out to see
That God has truly blessed me..I am as blessed as blessed can be..

Before the day becomes more active and the noisyness begins
The breezes are singing secrets, and the world continually spins
So much there is to accomplish.. and so much there is to do
But I mustn't get caught up  in whirlwinds.. I'll keep my peace, it's true

Thursday, March 15, 2018

I'm just wanting to say Thank You...

I'm just wanting  to say, Thank You, to the Lord of the Heavens  and the earth
For all of Your blessings and for Your protection since my birth
Every morning and evening my eyes have continuously looked above
And have witnessed instantly: how truly great is Your lasting love...

I am so wanting You to hear me. oh   Creator of this struggling universe
No matter how much I have tried to, I  have failed to praise You enough in my verse
Yet You are so worthy: more worthy than anyone else I'll ever know
To receive it all now:  all the gratitude that I can ever show...

Truly You are so Caring and You are so kindly in all of Your ways
You have given me everything .. everything,  and all of my days
So many times You have patiently watched me  rise and fall
Only to catch me and lead me gently with Your everlasting call...

Help me to be more faithful and to be most loving in all that I do
So that I can be a witness to Your  Presence  as It's  passing through
For there are so many needy, so many broken ones in need of You..
I want to bring them everything You have blessed me with: it is so true..