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Monday, February 17, 2020

Silent pauses

Silent pauses in the day
Calms our souls and makes a way
For the angels with their light
To guard and protect us ..unto night

Silent pauses along the way
Give us chances to carefully sway
From the wrong and to the right
Careful thinking gives us insight

Silent pauses when we speak
Keeps us  humble ..keeps us meek
Makes us notice.. what we can miss
If our anger starts to hiss

Silent pauses on the road
Reminds us things: as good as gold
Patient driving... keeps us safe
Speeding can bring us  to our grave

Silent pauses here or there
In our home or anywhere
Will alert us and help us see
God is present in you and me

Good morning.. how many of us are in a hurry each morning..? We just have to do this..or that.. and have to get out the

I know, sometimes, I get into that nasty habit..called routine..Routine seems to make us go quickly through things, without thinking.. There are things we do every morning the same..

When we are doing our daily morning routine.. what are the thoughts we have going through our head.? Are they thoughts of hurry, hurry ..hurry.. We have overslept.. or today we need to go in early..? Run, run, run?

What if.. just..what if...we slowed down a little? Each morning.. before we looked at a zillion emails and texts and tv and computer.. we just stopped and listened and prayed ( if we do that) and allowed the untouched silence of God to enter our souls.. We don't have to say anything..or even think...just be still..

What would happen if we did that? Do you think we should try? Wonder, would we find that our days become more blessed..more meaningful..?

And then at night .. before we jump in bed.. can we, then, go into that pause moment..Just a moment of two..complete silence, wonder, awe of how wonderfully blessed we were during the day.. and just acknowledge that blessing and say thank you to the Giver of all good things..What if we just took a moment or two to do that in the evening. .Nothing formal..just a slow down.. a quieting . .a silencing.. just a few moments or two.. God isn't impressed by numbers..or minutes or hours.. Let's slow down.  Love you: Joy

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Something new...

In between my poems, I will start to write a little bit so you can get to know me... .Presently, I live in North Carolina...I work from home..I rent an in-law suite....

I love all of God's creation and believe in angels.. Jesus and in Mary and the saints..

I respect everyone's right to worship or not..It's not for us to evaluate souls.. but it is ours to love and spread love to others.. there's already too much hatred in our world..

Today ..our weather was nippy.. Squirrels and birds were ready for the tiny morsels.. I set out..

My four kitties were less rowdy .. I love them all. .their names are  Orion, Gracie, Lucca and Crystal..

Till  tomorrow.. I wish you a blessed night ;)

Signs of Spring

Soothing sounds and melodies
Come from creatures in the trees
Spring is coming  and we hear
All that's caught up in the atmosphere

Budding blooms and grasses peek
Through hardened ground that tries to tweak
Attempts of seedlings pushing through
Doing things they're meant to do.

So we embrace it all the change
Coming from the sunny exchange
While rounds and rounds of molecules
Break the rank and despise all rules.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Oh, the sun shines..

Smiling through the sky so blue
The beautiful sunlight's peeking through
Whispering wisdom through its rays
Singing songs that wake our days

Glowing through the molecular blend
Protons, neutrons, atoms send
Rays of sunlight, golden glow
See the cosmic, seasonal .. show

Every morning and nearing night
Awesomeness shines out from this light
Softer showings emerging from this sun
And warming the hearts of everyone

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Before the light of day

Hours slip away before the break of  dawn
Before you know it..all this silence will be gone
Beautifulness and endless sounds of peace
Speak to me as the predawn hours start to  decrease

Everything around me seems to hold a supernatural sound
And everything echoes within  me..that..God is truly around
Though nothing animate seems visible to my mortal eye
I feel the Infinite One breathing life and hope ....I can't deny

So I sit in wonder and awe before the light of day
I soak in the awesomeness of the Almighty One passing by
In the elements and molecules and everything that is
God is speaking to my heart .."My love is so much more than this.."

Friday, January 31, 2020

It's so simple...

We only really need
To put aside our greed
And strive with all our might
To turn darkness into light

It really isn't hard
To pick up broken chard
But it is quite a plight
Changing wrong into the right

We all must really let it go:
The awful pride ..and our ego
And embrace without a  dread
A selfless life of love..instead