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Monday, October 12, 2020

Take some moments..

 Skies shine out with endless love

From the God of Grace above

Dancing atoms form the air

As they cry out.. "God does care"

Changing seasons bring us near

All the beauty bright and clear

Rains and thunders storms and ice

Transforming landscapes... bless our eyes

Morning... noon ..the eve and night

Challenge us to use our sight

See the wonders.. see the love

We're all so special and well thought of

Take some moments try today

To ponder and savor this precious day

Gifted freely ... given away

To every person along life's way

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Sounds of morning

 Rain and crickets sing away

Soothing droplets fall and stay

Sounding melodies greet the dawn

I can hear them as I yawn...

Like a shower falling slow

Rain is starting ready to go

Soon the cardinals.. crisp and clear

Join their voices ..  day is near

Cloudy figures in the sky

Darken day as they pass by

Dropping sweetness in the  rain

Hear them speaking.. healing pain?

More and more the birds all sing

Cardinals, robins, sparrows bring

A certain lightness to the drear

That graying skies  will leave us here.

Rise up quickly...rise up now

Hear the whispering ambient bow

Beneath the wisdom serene

From the Eternal One Unseen

Push your pencil..move your pen

Speak some things for now and then

Heaven's glory Eden's too

Comes alive for me and you

Monday, October 5, 2020

I once was blind....

It's easier to help those we don't know.. 

Why is it ..that..we, so readily, cry out.. in great protest

About the homeless, the displaced and the pitiful rejects

While we won't ever  blink an eye at the closer by

Our own family members that we continue to deny?

We claim we're not a follower or some blind sheep

That..we have our own minds and own souls to keep 

But let someone us tell us that we should stay away

We will do so blindly and without delay

So, who is the real beggar, lingering, there.on our road:

The homeless... the wino ....the addict growing old...?

Or is it a sister a brother or a friend we've let go

Because someone with wrong intentions has told us to do so?

Friday, September 25, 2020

Calms the heart and lessens pain

 Oh the soothingness of the rain

It calms the heart and lessens pain

Falling gently, it'll lift us up

Like a herbal in a cup...

Softly whispering... that God is here

Drop by drop the atmosphere

Holds the greatness of the Great

Sending showers..but not too late..

Like the rythm of God's heart

Pitter pattering gives a start

To our healing of our hurt

How He loves us  ...proves our worth

Listen briefly or at length

God is whispering showing strength

Rain is falling rain is grace

For every person ..every place

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Stop it..

 Stop hitting my brother..just because he is black

It's never okay, to be acting like that

Choking and squeezing and denying him air

Where in this world are such actions found fair?

Stop mocking my sister... she isn't your toy

You curse her and use her and ruthlessly employ

Your cunning-ness, and evilness and ruthless white power

To strain from her willingness your empire and dollar

Stop labeling them, everyone .. who is differing from you:

Like are so perfect and can discern what is true???

You mount up your riches and  climb up your throne

If only, you could see them..the miseries you've sown

Stop seeking out followers, to spread out your hate

This rampage of prejudice  is way out of date

The time glass is emptying and the angels await

I see them, they're coming, with judgment and fate

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Return again...

 Oh, writing soul, take up your pen

Write songs of love from deep within

Open up your soul stream and share it all

Return again to your inner call

Oh, singing heart, let's hear you sing

Open up your voice and let it ring

The world is waiting and you are too

Return again to what's part of you

Oh teaching soul speak out again 

To yearning hearts eager within

Share out your wisdom and your all

Return to teach them great and small

Oh spiritual giant shine out your light

Our hungry world has lost it sight

We need your words we need your care

Return to share it everywhere..

Oh ailing world wounded deep

Seek out your God who longs to keep

Our hearts our minds our very souls

Return to Him ..He'll hold you close