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Monday, September 17, 2018

Stormy aftermath

The trees they whirl and they toss about
As  the winds continue to madly shout
A screech and a roar and the things do fly
As another tornado is passing by

The stormy Florence has left its true..
But remnants of her wrath keep coming through
Inside of the winds and the pounding rains
We feel her might..for  it still remains..

Day four and all of North Carolina cries
For people displaced beneath unsettling skies
Reminding  us that this storm is still  here
Inside of the destruction and the atmosphere

We must think of each other and lend a hand
Where ever we're needed and whenever we can
For the fate of those suffering this awful plight
Could come searching for us:  some day some night..

Saturday, September 15, 2018


Florence came with her devastation
And a tragedy for those whose hesitation...
Kept them near her path, her breath:
See how far her winds did stretch?

The rains have fallen without an end;
Ocean waters inside them blend:
Sighs of anguish, sounds of grief...
Echoing within this whirling thief

Her path kept changing ..this we heard
Weatherman pointed; changed their word
Warnings posted: here then there
Some were slow to leave or prepare

Now she's passing but not so fast..
Her shadows continue to wave and pass
Through our counties and through our homes
Uprooting lives.. like fragile stones

Wednesday, September 12, 2018


Beware of the winds now that change here and there
They come with a warning, for people everywhere
In an instant, in an inkling, our life can rearrange
We must be ever ready, for the Heavens bid us: "Change"

Like the mountains that erupt now, and the oceans that explore;
Nature is responding to the things, that shake her floor:
Like the warring and the fighting and the arguments galore..
The Heavens are reacting and will not take it anymore..

So the floodgates are all open and skies let down their rain:
A cleansing for the earth, now..and all her needless pain..
The elements and the molecules and the moisture and the air
Are all crying out with a vengeance:
     "The earth's inhabitants are unfair"

Sunday, September 9, 2018

The hurricanes of mid September

The ocean is coming alive now on the southern most eastern coast
Florence and a couple others are starting to make their boast
With their whirling winds,  so noisy and their might for all to see
The  hurricanes of mid September are as visible as can be...

Don't wait for them to arrive here get ready now and prepare
For the disturbances they are bringing are more than we can bear
Some will become  all flooded and some will  feel the wind
It's time to get out and plan now for these storms will enter in

Look out to the ocean waters and see how they build their might
These storms from the African waters will bring a bit of fright
With whirling gusts all noisy and storms and terrors galore
We know that they are coming now what else are we waiting for?

Thursday, September 6, 2018

The secrets I kept...

I said I would wait awhile before I'd begin to write
Of the many missing pieces that were hidden from other's sight
I had kept them all inside me and was waiting for many year
To release these secret sorrows that have created all my tears

But the time has come to hear it and the time has come to read
The things  my family had covered up under guise of sacred creed
With the incense in the background and the stain glass all around
I woud weep inside my spirit and play back the horrific sound..

We were all so very catholic ...and it was evident as can be:
That we were good at genuflecting and at praying the rosary
But behind the mask of holiness and behind the sacred prayer
There was brokenness and abuses and scars from lack of care

I would weep my way to school and I would weep my way to sleep
There wasn't a single corner where I didn't kneel to weep
The fasaad of being happy was a ploy for everyone to see
So  they couldn't ever imagine what was happening to me..

She kept it all inside

Tears welled up in her eyes... as she thought about it all
They claimed to be good christians but never bothered to call
They read up on their bibles and were fond of the Sunday pew
But they never bothered to visit her they never did it's true

But who were all these people putting sadness in her eyes
They were brothers and a sister and her very own blood ties
They were quick to cut her short  and tell her how she's wrong
For confessing all the sorrows she knew her childhood long

It would have been much better had she never spoken of
The many secret things that the family covered up
Every one would have loved her .. had she kept all inside
Every heart ache, every beating, every hurt ..since she was five

Denial was their custom and it is still the same today
Ignoring what is evident and hiding it all away
Pretending that nothing happened and claiming she had lied
Everyone who lived then is content to push it   aside...