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Monday, January 18, 2021

What's happening over here

 What is it, that is happening over here

It isn't really so vague or so unclear

There is an influx of so much stimulus money

And words are coming out so sweet as honey

But there are troops  all around the Capitol

There is a  censorship on all things digital

And if  you don't mind your p's and your  q's

You'll stand before a judge: and be accused

Is this the same ole good ole USA

That settlers died for on Independence day

Why are some feeling they are not being heard

Only half the nation is spoken of with a good word?

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

What are you running from

 You raised up all my hopes only to dash them to the ground 

It would have  been much better had you never come around

My heart  has been ripped up completely and am feeling alone again

Please help me dearest Angels.. with this sorrow deep within

You arranged it all quickly.. but it was only for a day

You acted like it was all natural but it disappeared away

The memories of the old days started dancing inside my mind

And I found myself recreating that  family  I wished was   mine

How long will you keep on ignoring the ones that you should love

Is it really  our own reality that you keep on running from?

If we keep on with our pretending  perhaps there'll be no past

Is this what is really happening.. you're afraid the lying cannot last

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Welcome to our new President.

 Welcome to our new President, may God be with you these four years

May His Spirit be your Counselor: and vanquish  your doubt or fears

With the office will come the grace you need; you  have only to ask and pray

God will become your Enlightenment as long as you walk in His Way

I pray for you and your family. for your cabinet and your staff

May you always find the strength you need when political parties clash

So much will be thrust upon you now and you're going to feel the weight

Of accepting the honored position of the President of the United States

Take heed not to push your power long and be ready to walk beside

The poorest man, d the forgotten ones and those with the greatest pride

For the greatest man or woman now will be the one with the title or not

Who reaches out to every citizen despite their baggage or lot

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Oh, let there be peace, in the good ole USA

 Oh, let there peace in the  good ole USA

For fighting and warring  have long had their way

This divisiveness and hating and violence galore

Is not what are freedoms were ever meant for

So put down your shouting your flags of unrest

Be peacefully respectful as you gather to protest

It's never been fruitful when the violence erupts

Destruction is ugly; there's been too much of this stuff

Our  President has been elected so let us agree

It's time to move on in this land of the free

Our actions are inviting the others to see

America the Beautiful isn't all   it can be??

It's okay, not agreeing, but, don't promote hate

We're still in a country that allows good debate

But destruction of property and ignoring the law

Is creating an energy that'll be hard to withdraw

So peace to all people, from east unto the west

For Democrats and Republicans and all of the rest

We must keep on living in this land of the free

Put away all the ugliness, that we weren't meant to be

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Nothing else matters

 Nothing else maters  in the very end 

Where we are now or where we have been

Will only be vehicles that helped you and me

To become living participants in our own destiny

For inside  each human heart and in every soul

Is written most deeply a most certain goal

We journey there daily and  try to succeed

To bringing it into fruition:  God's holy seed

Though we differ from others in so many ways

We're  sharing this universe and sharing our days

With the most perfect strangers or people we know

We alone are  responsible for all we will sow

Are we the uniters  or do we divide

Do words come out of us that hurt us inside??

What actions will linger when finally we stand

Before God The Almighty who gave us our hand 

No questions will popup all will be clear

For other's opinions won't find open ear

For in the forever pre-selection determining event

Our actions alone will tell where our Eternity's spent

Monday, January 4, 2021

Time..well spent

 Before the morning comes to be

Angel spirits are whispering to me :

Approach each day like something new

So much beauty is waiting for you

Like gentle touches from some pen

They write their music deep within

And every angel... good and kind

Speaks   their messages to my mind

And when I rouse..and am ready to rise

They help me see with angelic eyes

Not with thoughts that rant or rage

But with a verse from Heaven's  page

They take my hands..they lead the way

And sing their songs throughout the day

Not like some melody I've  heard before

But like an ointment that can restore

It may seem strange that I should write

Of beings that escape all human sight

But they want our attention and love us much

And leave us longing for Heaven's touch

So seek them out with heart and mind

In silent moments that will unwind

In morning's birth or night's descent

You won't be's time well spent