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Friday, June 23, 2017

Home at last...

Quiet touches upon my face
From the wind with all its grace
Whispers to me that God is love
And He's watching from Above..

In the flowers and in the trees
In the mites that no one sees
Breath of Heaven, breath Divine:
Whispers to this heart of mine

Going further into the air
In the plant-lets everywhere
Sounds of Heaven creating rhyme
Moving hearts and stopping time

Flowing waters... droplets too
Echo Heavens "I love you"
Though we see no Sacred Face
We can hear Him every place

Through the violence through the fear
God has raised us;  drew us near.
Rescuing all from  evil grasp,
God's our Haven: Home at last..

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Setting the pace...

I sit here and I listen to the sounds of all the creatures:
There are the birds and the squirrels and the tiniest that earth features
All of them uniting and creating some harmony:
What peacefulness, what wonderfulness, what soothing symphony

In the visuals, that I'm seeing.there's the beauty of all creation
There's a back drop of the Heavens and the plants that grace our nation
Sought after sights that can stop us from our racing"
The plantlets, and the meadows, with some moments to  halt our pacing..

The ratrace and the whirlwinds, and the runnings that we're doing
Are something we can detach from without loss of what we're pursuing
Yet the tempo and the rhythm and the speed with which we move
Will be the ambient we're creating, so that others  can feel our groove

Monday, June 19, 2017

Fragile lungs....

Air is thick: so hard to breathe
Walking out wouldn't believe
It's like a wrap that slaps my face
The air is heavy, invades my space

A few more moments and I'll gasp
How much longer can I  last..?
Humidity's high, my lungs are weak:
Should I test this fragile physique

No I can't and so I must run
From the beauty of the sun
For the moisture all around
Has a dangerous warming sound...